Abstract Liquids! V - 7! 12 Hours 4K Screensaver with Relaxing Music for Meditation. Paint in Water

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12 Hours of relaxing music with Abstract Colorful Paint in Water in 4K, great for relax, help sleep, study, meditation and background music screensaver. Best Underwater Ink video!

The Best Relax Screensavers!

Great as a TV Screensaver for the office, lounge, waiting room, Spa, Restaurant, etc. Play it in your Roky, Apple tv, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc.

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Incredibly relaxing! Great to listen to after a long day of work.

Author — @user-fn1jh5ve8l


I use this for when i am going to sleep and it calms me right down and i fall asleep in minutes it is super nice and i love the music

Author — @raya_max7331


You can't go wrong with this concept. So pretty! I have a video but jazz playing in the background. I like this one just as much. 😊

Author — @soundsoftheworldextended3022


In 4K full screen - stunning examples of fluid dynamics. Both a technical fascination (e.g. from a CFD perspective), and at the same time pure transcendent beauty complemented by the color range and alpha wave inducing music.

Author — @TedDixonChannel


This is spectacular! The visuals are so crisp and vibrant. Looks especially good on an OLED thanks to the pitch black background. Thank you!

Author — @jbn75


The liquid is relaxing! This is great!

Author — @fidgetsandfidgets4792


I love this! It is great to watch after a long day

Author — @jamiethomas7097


Those vibrant colors and music 🎶 is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Author — @mangosmoothie7083


So cool. Amazing to watch on a big high definition TV. Thanks!

Author — @vocals7693


[ this inspires my art ] 🔮 thank you <3

the forces of natural physics in their raw beauty are so powerful

Author — @timenotspaceproduction


STUNNING Thank you for this infinitive beauty MANY HUGS

Author — @olgagr7136


Hey y’all. I come here when I’m panicking anxious and nauseous and it seems to have a good effect on me. Obviously I’m typing this afterwards bc there’s no way I care about anything when I’m feeling that way.

Author — @xXSmthngCoolXx


SHOULD definitely allow each color session to play out MUCH longer. your eyes start to follow one or more of the color flows and you just CUT over to another - never allowing us to watch the soothing interactions. ..otherwise, a great concept to watch

Author — @waaynneb1808


I have adhd and a REALLY short attentions span, but this actually made me distracted!
Thx! 🤗

Author — @avabaptista1963


"The sun is shining brightly today, and it's such a beautiful reminder that every day is a new opportunity to make the most of life!"

Author — @healingtreemusic8864


Holy shit it's been 11 hours already? I started staring at this yesterday night. I gotta fuckin go to work rn

Author — @rileyweston236


3:07:06. There is a little happy bug on the screen. That little creature broke my 3 hour meditation.

Author — @smartwebreels


For future me: 9th September 2023 is when you discovered this, your new obsession.

Author — @coybi


Where can i find the music? Soundhound and Shazam dosen’t find it.

Author — @RaveLikeHell


Suddenly have the urge to watch Pagemaster

Author — @arielattack3146