The Indigenous People of America - Documentary

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The Indigenous People of America - Documentary 4.5

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Author — NORTH 02


I'm a full blooded navajo and this was very well done. I just wish my people had a writing system to log much more of our own history

Author — Levi Tom


"Their culture was beautiful in many aspects, but their culture was also capable of incredible acts of horror."

This statement can apply to any culture that has ever lived, not just the Aztecs.

Author — Jesse Frawley


People tend to forget that although life was simpler back then, it was extremely hard.

Author — Tom Nguyen


We're still here, the American continent is our home.

Author — Native Pride


For those who focus on the human sacrifice performed by some of the Precolombian cultures we need a documentary video about the old world's practice of human sacrifice. More recently a Germans regime comitted major murder but do we keep it mind to denegrate Germans in general?

Author — artlovervictoria


Respect to Indigenous and native people of Americas from Asia.We value their culture and bravery.Never forgotten

Author — wrong notes


Hello, my fellow native neople. I'm from Minnesota of the White Earth reservation of the Ojibwe people

Author — Ogichidaa


My maternal grandmother was of Blackfeet heritage. This type of documentary brings me to tears. They didn't completely wipe a thriving nation. We still have their memories, spirits and yearnings for righteousness. Long-live Turtle Island!

Author — Dexter Bernard


The Yakama's are said to have an oral history that describes the sounds that Woolley Mammoth make. This has been passed down from those who hunted them.

Author — cbivensj


The"Cargo System" developed and implemented in this hemisphere was. Centuries ahead on this Planet.

Author — Javier Chandler


Indigenous People of Turtle Island and the Elephant"s Head. Learn facts before spewing falsehoods

Author — Jim Douglas


Their technology and customs of human sacrifice in the 1500's was equivalent to the Europeans of 30, 000 B.C. So, in other words, they were just humans acting as humans did !!!

Author — Nick Cellini


When I wade through the comments, I have to keep the Serenity Prayer in mind. Aloha speaking.

Author — neal auld


I'm interested in hearing and knowing *"the Oral History of the Groups of Native Peoples of the Americas".*
I hold certainty that the Academic Materials on these cultures is largely inaccurate, having influences of those whom misunderstood, misinterpreted, and desired to discrete what their culture and religion didn't accept, further sprinkled with European prejudices.

There are some facts that life experience, observations, and a degree focused in human behaviors make clear for diagnosis.

I trust Oral Histories far greater in accuracy over the past 1000 years of European influences in written histories and particular of Peoples whom were being fleeced of vast wealth.

Do you not agree?

Author — Beth Bartlett


Sometimes I wish Europeans never came to the America’s to see how many more tribes would’ve turned into nation states or empires and how much more would’ve been known about their pasts it would truly be remarkable

Author — gbd 2480


This issue is too complex to discuss in a brief documentary.

Author — Michael Ashcraft


Educational. You spoke clearly and not to fast. A nicely laid out presentation. I hunger learning history. It helps me to find a clearer sense of self, and to most importantly understand and respect others. Good job, thank you :)

Author — David Heinzen


My grandma is Apache. While my grandpa from sinoloa Mexico. I love learning about the indigenous roots ❤️

Author — mercedes corral


the "facts" in this are far from true. tenochtitlan was not constructed until long after the olmecs who in no way founded it.teotihacan was a toltec city and already was in ruins before the chichimeca aztecs wandered into the region from the north.the sacrifices described as mayan were invented by the aztecs much later than the collapse of the maya. this presentation is ridiculous and hillarious. the generalizations in this documentary are loosely based on what is known, but presented as if true.

Author — fbweaver63