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ENGLAND beat CROATIA at EURO 2004 4.5

As Croatia face England in the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final in Moscow, UEFA.tv look back on the first and only meeting of the two nations at a major tournament.

The Three Lions triumphed 4-2 over Croatia at the group stage of Euro 2004. A Wayne Rooney brace and goals from Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard were enough to see off Croatian goals from Niko Kovač and Igor Tudor.


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even more unbelievable how this England team did not achieve more, scholes, gerrard, beckham, lampard, cole, owen and rooney at their peak, terry, rio.. astonishing

Author — spaace


Rooney, Owen, Scholes, Gerrard, Lampard.... how on earth did that team win nothing!

Author — Fat Apples


This had to be the best England team of all time....on paper! How they could not win anything baffles me.

Author — Omar


Wayne Rooney was brilliant when he was :
a. Bald
b. Shagging nans
c. Both.

Author — Brent Meister General


18 years old wayne rooney scored 4 goals in 3 matches. He will be something in the future i guess

Author — Muhammad Aditya Supriyadi


Corona virus brought me here because there’s no live sport on 🥺

Author — Danny Riggs


That was 2004 now is 2018!!! Diffrent generation

Author — Luka Katic


Croatia have some World Class players at their disposal now. This won't be a walk in the park like here.

Author — Marlon Anthony


The real Rooney, before he became a shadow of himself. The problem with this England line-up, while talented individually, they never played that well together as a team.

Author — David M


Remember scholes being unbelievable in this game, just ran the show when he came inside...how on earth can you put one of the greatest midfield players in the left wing???

Author — Nick Deakin


Gerrard Rooney Lampard Beckham Owen Scholes. How did this team never win anything?

Author — Zac Steinberg


The day when people still take picture using camera.. haha

Author — Mohamad Syahmi Zainuddin


Who will make it to Moscow for the final? England or Croatia?

Author — UEFA


I've never come close to feeling as excited about an England player as I was about Rooney pre-July 2004. It felt great to genuinely believe that we had somebody who could well end up being the best player in the world.

People would've laughed at you back then if you'd said this would be the last better-than-average game Rooney would have at a tournament.

They'd also laugh if you'd said this would be the last better-than-average game Rooney would have in a competitive game against a decent team but I think you can argue that is the case as well!

I don't think you can blame injuries for his subsequent nightmares for England because he was still great for United for most of the 9 years after this, albeit not quite as great as he was before his injury against Portugal.

He's got more medals and records than most players would ever dream of having and history will only remember him as a great player but I will always remember those great perfomances in 2003 and 2004 and think of what England fans expected from Rooney over the next dozen years and compare it to what we actually got!

If his mostly-terrible last three years at United were a huge disappointment, his post-Euro 2004 England career was a tragedy!

Author — Ernest Thesiger


As much as I dislike him I think Mourinho could have won a tournament with this crop.

Author — Laurit Zenc


surprised this generation achieve nothing

Author — Daniel Cendana


Actually England looked good in this euros.

Ronney was amazing

Author — Proud Indian


Kids today will never understand how good prime rooney was

Author — J Chambo


“Well in this tournament a tru international star is born” Wayne Rooney what a legent he is !!!

Author — Koios


The match ball back then was really nice

Author — Gayson Jiovanni