Glee - ABC/Control/Man in the Mirror.

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Glee - ABC/Control/Man in the Mirror. 5

the glee club in the sectionals, one of the best performances of the glee club.

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I love how everyone can agree Mike was the least problematic character in glee

Author — Koi Fish


Why couldn't Mike's dad see Valerie instead of this?

Author — Yerimii AJ


Look at what happens when Rachel doesn’t perform!! Everyone sung something that wasn’t just backing vocals, even Mike who was only just confident enough to sing!

Author — Rose McGarry


I was always annoyed that Rachel said that her talent was being "wasted" when she had every solo or when she said no one "appreciated her", but the only unappreciated ones were Tina, Mike, Quinn, and sort-of Kurt. That was a big mistake that the director made.

Author — ajade10


While Tina and the others get huge solos, poor Finn over there focusing to not fail the dance moves XD.

Author — Mr. Nut


It looks like Blaine dressed them all up.

Author — Eyah Paguio


Mike Chang actually is the hottest guy in this show:
- Football player: Checked
- Good grade: Checked
- Can sing: Checked
- Good dancer: Checked
- Doesn't use alcohol and drug: Checked
- 6-abs: Checked

Author — Nghĩa Hà Trọng


Quinn: this is a story about control, my control...

Shelby: ...crap she’s talking about me

Author — Blu Moon


Okay but Kurt and Tina were in the glee club since day 1 and this is the most they've sung in a show choir competition performance.

Author — Cam Cami Cam-cam


Not a Single Soul:
Kurt: *SiT DoWn

*Ah THiNk i LuVvvVvV YoUUu*

Author — Spencer Lee


I still think the Troubletones were better, but this was defs one of New Direction's best performances. Tina, Mike and Quinn in ABC absolutely kill it.

Author — Shameless Kitty


Ok but I’m lovin the girls’ blazer/skirt combo

Author — Avery Bond


Anybody else question their sexuality when Quinn started to speak in her low tone

Author — Shilah Wallace


I just realized that their song choices were subliminally sending a message to Mike's dad.

Author — Sharmynne Henrie


Because Rachel wasn’t there Tina Quinn Mike Artie Kurt Blaine basically everyone got a solo

Author — Sky Lilacs


How to win show choir competition in Glee universe: Make sure you performed longer than the other groups

Author — WR 96


blaine is probably so excited because his three favorite things are in this episode. kurt, bowties, and blazers.

Author — izzy shotel


This was the only time I cared About the competition performance- BECAUSE Rachel wasn’t allowed to perform, and it felt like a team for the first and ONLY Time in the show. Everyone got a part and did amazing and they were so in sync. And so feel like directors knew it would be amazing so they gave them subpar songs that didn’t really go together and boring costumes? This could’ve been such an amazing performance, even more so than it was but it gave me whiplash? But also no way it should’ve beaten the trouble tones

Author — Abby Cee


Without Rachel there, the crowd is like actually having fun

Author — Pip The Pipster


finn trying to keep up on the dance moves is the cutest thing ever

Author — Estórias do Teatro