Economist who predicted last financial crisis warns of coming 'Greater Depression'

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Economist who predicted last financial crisis warns of coming 'Greater Depression' 4.5

Nouriel Roubini, NYU professor and former White House senior economist under U.S. President Clinton, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss why he predicts a depression will hit the global economy in the middle of the decade.

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It's going to be an FU shaped recovery.

Author — Anthony Russo


His analysis is absolutely brilliant. I am going to look this guy up

Author — Your Black World


V shape. They're kidding. Bathtub shape with the plug missing.

Author — Ken Bailey


He’s just in a home-based hollywood studio

Author — Tsetsi


He's predicted 8 of the last 2 recessions....

Author — SI


I dont think we need a economist to know we are fudged big time

Author — Luis Villa


The markets aren’t priced on V shape, they are priced on $4 trillion of fake ass money printed for the rich.

Author — Welco


You can't blame a virus for what is really a global corporate debt catastrophe. The economy started to collapse with the 2019 Federal Reserve emergency REPO. Covid19 is just a smokescreen used by politicians and central bankers to deflect blame. Sure looks like share buy backs have done nothing to improve anyone! Corps are not sitting on billions of dollars of worthless shares.

Author — PilotVBall


Brilliant man... but sorry to inform you, the depression is here

Author — NubiaRising


And he wonders why he never gets invited to parties.

Author — JBW


They gave all the money away to those didn’t need it.

Author — Mauritius Dunfagel


When everything else has failed, they will take you to war. That's all.

Author — TP


Remember the 80's and 90's, when everyone talked about how exciting and great the future was going to be?

Author — andybaldman


Well he’s just a barrel of fun isn’t he? Lol.

Author — Ty m


Translation: you've had the good. Get ready for the bad times.

Author — A G


It would be cool if we could actually hear what the hell he is saying 🤦‍♂️

Author — BoostedMotorsports


Something bad will happen at some future time. People who are alive will also die sometime in the future.

Author — Jose Cortez


Only the rich are in crisis....the rest of us is business has usual...broke...loll

Author — beez.


The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.
That’s all you need to know

Author — Um tree 5000


Tell the cooked Feds to keep printing and printing and printing!! VENEZUELA here we come!

Author — Ron Krikorian