Deco Mesh Angel Tutorial - VERY easy and inexpensive

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Deco Mesh Angel Tutorial - VERY easy and inexpensive 5

This is a really easy Angel craft to do. The most time consuming part is cutting the mesh and waiting for the glue to dry.

You will need thin gauge wire, pipe cleaners, 10 inch white deco mesh, an ornament or foam ball, scissors, wire cutters and a hot glue gun.

Cut 12 pieces of mesh that is 10 inches long.
Take one corner of the square and pull the opposite corner, hold in the middle. Do this to all 12 pieces.

When completed, take a small piece of wire (or pipe cleaner) and tie the middle.

Next, from the bottom, take six pieces from each side of the wire. Those 12 pieces will create the skirt of your angel and the remaining six pieces on each end will be her wings.

About an inch below the middle, take another pipe cleaner and tie it in back.

Take your Christmast ornament, take the top off, put on hot glue, and hold the ornament onto the top of the wings. Hold until completely dry and stuck on.

Take ribbon and cut four pieces about 3-4 inches long. Make a duck tail on the end and put them side by side, then gather the top. Tie wire/pie cleaner around it to hold it together.

Make a little bow to go under the neck of the angel. Put a wire through it, then attach to the neck of the angel at the bottom of the ornament.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 7-10 inches long. Roll it up to create a halo. Cross over in the back. Take the halo, put some glue on it, and attack to the back of the angel. You can alternatively use a fuzzy stick to create the halo.

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This is just beautiful! I see a lot of deco mesh around on trees, etc. It is a beautiful decoration option. Now, where the hell is my glue xo

Author — wildheart5


loved your tutorial..I was very inspired to try the angel.. blessings

Author — Barbara Osbourne


Your angel is so cute! I liked the way you did your gathering under the bow.

Author — Naomi Jacobs



Author — Kathie Tyson


Loved making the angels! I've made them in several different sizes. The tutorial was great and easy to follow with no excess explanations which i greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Author — Peggy Waltz


Gorgeous, this angel is the most beautiful one I have seen, can't wait to make one.
I have all the supplies needed already for this project, gotta get going on it. Thank you for sharing your creativity, I really enjoy your videos, Merry Christmas and happy crafting, Michelle

Author — Michelle Clare


It's beautiful, I love it!!..Thanks for sharing, new subbie here... Can't wait to see your other tutorials.

Author — Jennwesley


Gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing <3  Been looking for other things to do with my Deco Mesh besides Wreaths <3

Author — Darlene Hughes


Oh how beautiful. You've explained so clearly. I want to make one and maybe even make extra for gifts. I love it. Thank you so much. Have a Blessed and Happy Holidays! ☺

Author — Sondra Bernich


cool ! my mother would love this . thanks

Author — AnthonyTurningGreen


Beautiful angels. Have made several and my family loves them. Thank you from Cibolo, Texas.

Author — Art Cruz


Gorgeous . . l love angels and this is so pretty to setup outside in Arizona . . Thanks. . 😎 😎 😎

Author — Charlene Byington


I just love it the DIY turned out very beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Author — forrealgirl 42


When using wire or pipe cleaners to tie something down, it's easier if you hold the wire or pipe cleaner still and turn the product you are attaching it too. Also makes a stronger bond that way.

Author — Carol Frazer


I enjoyed this and I am going to use this for a Sunday School project for our youth. We will use it as a in memory of on our Memorial remembrance tree for those who have lost loved ones. I know it may sound morbid but actually is beautiful. We pin their names to the Angels. So thank you for the idea.

Author — Sandy Trainer


Hi sweetie beautiful and very nice and great job I am really enjoyed watching this video on YouTube channel and once again thank you for sharing your experience and God bless

Author — Elizabeth Jack


Thanks for the infor on the angel. It's beautiful, I made 5 easy.

Author — Cynthia Martinez


Thank you so much for the tutorial! Your scissors are so cute!

Author — fkabish &u


great! thanks for sharing I will make these with my granddaughters this year we make crafts every year the Friday after Thanksgiving

Author — Wanda Laxton


That is beautiful! I'm going make some of these for some of friends. Thanks so much for sharing.

Author — Joanne Rich