Raindrop Piano Preludes, Op. 28 - Frédéric Chopin - 1 Hour

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Raindrop Piano Preludes, Op. 28 - Frédéric Chopin - 1 Hour 5

1-hour version of Chopin's Raindrop piano preludes. Perfect music for focus, study, sleep, and meditation. Like and subscribe now for more updates!

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Given his chronic tuberculosis and ultimately abbreviated life, one can only imagine what this artistic genius could have created beyond his powerful work.

Author — E. Richard Fortunato


Helps so much to listen to this when writing english papers. Thanks <3

Author — D T


This is an hour and 41 seconds. Such a misleading title... LOL

Author — Dr. Strange


Well done! I just uploaded this as well :)!

Author — Eternal Classics


Set the playback speed to 1.25 and it’s even better

Author — Idk No name


I like this version more because of the slow gentle nes but all of sudden you realize all thing are not as gentle and you face the harsh realities of life but then all of sudden a spark of hope that bring you back to life other versions of this peace iv listen to have been spend up a bit if there’s a version of this song that is like what I describe please feel free to message me I would gladly like to listen to peace that stirs my heart in such way

Author — Unknown Person


by far one of the worst performances of this beloved piece... and to expect someone to sit through it for an hour is insulting

Author — __