Postman Pat intro (In honor of Ken Barrie's death)

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Ken Barrie, the voice of Postman Pat and the singer of the theme song, died yesterday and I uploaded this because he was most known because of Postman Pat. I didn't have as much time to make a tribute, like I did with other celebrities I like who have died, so this is what I had time to use as a tribute to him, as this is what he was most known for.

R.I.P. Ken Barrie.

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I grew up with the famous cartoon of the world's most cheerful, kindest, always on time postman in the entire world... Ken... if your listening, I've got this parcel just for you.

Author — Mr stecdude123


R.I.P Ken Barrie you'll be truly missed :(!😢😥⚰

Author — ElsTrap


Ken, you made my childhood great. Rest in peace

Author — Windows vista


This is literally really really sad l feel really sad about this :(

Author — Sodya Suhrabi


I used to watch postman pat when I was young but I forgotten it then later this year I recently watched again postman pat and I’m not informed that Ken Barrie had passed away in 2016 it’s so sad to know the legendary voice actor of pat is gone but in my heart he is still alive

Author — CjAnimations


my friend in school call me postman pat now they don't because of this god bless him

Author — Padzzi


Iam really sad that his death was 2years ago and I know it just now :( RIP Ken Barrie you made my childhood awesome

Author — James Alto


At least he's now reunited with his Wife again 😢

Author — KennethVG🐱2000


I cant forget this actors didnt matter a s a kid, but now i feel horrible my throat has a lump noe

Author — Wopman


Ivor wood ho was the director in postman dead in 2004

Author — Joanne Drummond