French Terrorists In Ukraine. Citizens Of France Who Came To Ukraine To Kill.

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French Terrorists In Ukraine. Citizens Of France Who Came To Ukraine To Kill. 3
This video shows French terrorists who came to Ukraine to help Russia to kill Ukrainian soldiers. They don’t even qualify to be called mercenaries, since they mostly came to kill for fun or for their perverted ideology.

Many of them have already returned back to France and continue to live their trouble-free lives. Some of them like Viktor Lenta and Sergei Munier also participate in Yellow Vests riots.

French citizens in the video:

1) Victor-Alfonso Lenta:
2) Guillaume Lenormand Cuvelier:
3) Nikola Perovic:
4) Michael Takahashi
5) Sergei Munier:
6) Kafin Filipp:
7) Yannick Lozach
8) Castel Erwan Jean François:
9) Aleksandre Nabiev:
10) Sebastian
11) Mael
12) Antonio
13) Nickname: Kolya Han
14) Loran Dupont

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Unless you have lived in Ukraine, or have family there, you are susceptible to propaganda. My in-laws cannot even afford to keep warm is all a lie, and my family I love cannot afford anymore even to live in peace. Please, all factions, just leave us alone.

Author — Natasha -n- Dean


Idiots come in all sizes, ages, and countries. The highest concentration is found in Russian troll factories.

Author — wolczo


10.000 deads, 2 millions refugees in Ukraine. Yet all Europe is still watching Syria and Africa.

Author — Florian Pierre DUMONT


I bet some of these guys are dead by now or got killed in combat

Author — hi 69


did you show polish etc who fight with you ?
CIA, UK...

Author — WahranRai


For internet, it is more easy to know what is happening around the world.

Author — HK T


they're actions in Ukraine only make Ukrainians want to join NATO and the EU more.

Author — Alexey Nikolaev


French?? Who loads their rifles for them??

Author — keith daniels


not a single native french spoted those are from migrant families they never where french and never will be french you must be born from french lineage to be french

Author — FirstEastern Perspective


Ничего удивительного, деньги делают все

Author — Анатолий Томский


When we train our youth for war and not Peace, what else do you expect!!!

Author — Tj Smyth


Why you don’t speak about english mercenary who serves russian. France is the country with the less mercenary

Author — Patriote France


Know that’s wat u called freedom fighter they live in French empire but still go against the elites that most off the time start the problems and just blame ppl that are suffering.



Sláva hrdinům Francie 👍🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

Author — Marcel Susko


Human wastes all of them, slava ukraini from France

Author — bvbxdv dsdswvsx


Are you sure these people are french and not men of Russian decent, because they don't have french sounding names, but still if you find their information post it full name address even phone numbers

Author — jason4275


Vous prenez les services français pour des idiots ?Ils sont connus et fichés.

Author — Marcel Dubois


This little French punk is nothing but a neofaschist wearing a "yellow vest "while serving faschist Russia. How brainwashed can one be to become a tool of genocidial Russia and fight against fellow
Westerners . US, NATO and the whole civilized world should take care of the " Russian scourge " once and for all.
These punks cannot and will not fight, the French punks are notorious for their running.
Progressive forces of the world did step all over these clowns in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosova and Slovenia . The dark regressive forces fighting against the Ukrainian government troops will face a humiliating defeat .
There are no brave French, they dont exist

Author — Bash Bardhi


There is no difference between Russians and Ukrainians, they are all the same, all Neo Nazis.... I would also like to add that I hope that they all kill each other while I sit, and watch with a bowl of salted popcorn.

Author — OperationFoxley19441


Identify them and seek
Capture them as soon as possible
Get all the information that is possible to get from them
And send to the russian graveyards

Author — MBT revolution