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Sonic Forces Review 4.5
Sonic Forces reviewed by Heidi Kemps on PlayStation 4. Also available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

The First 14 Minutes of Sonic Forces:

Sonic Forces: Making an Awful Character in Creator Mode:

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💬 Comments on the video

Wow IGN, this was actually a really fair review. Kudos.

Author — TWIP


Can't believe i'm about to say this... Thank you IGN for giving a solid review for a Sonic game! I think this review did a great job showing the positives and the negatives in this title! Great Work :)

Author — Sam's Procrastination Station


Sonic was never good.
-IGN 2016

Keep here on IGN, where everyone loves Sonic.
-IGN 2017


Author — BirdX 3000


6 or 7 hour campaign.

Really? I finished this game twice in 2 hours.

Author — Vevo


As a Sonic fan, and a fan of this game, this is an INCREDIBLY FAIR review.

Author — CV Anims


But the best part is this hat that says “gamer” on it

Author — GCoop 14


You gave this a 6.9 and yet you gave Unleashed a 4?

Author — killmeplox


Watch the sonic fanbase say that this game is actually good in like 10 years. They're already saying that 06 isn't as bad

Author — N the Bagel Loving Bastard


After playing the game, I would say this is a good review. The game has its flaws but it is far from bad. 6.5 to 7, and if you are a sonic fan, definitely worth playing.

Author — Dimitrios Zikos


Yeah, as a Sonic fan I can admit this game had a lot of potential wasted. The 2d gameplay was really bad and it was too short. They really should do a game with Unleashed duration

Author — Thiago52192


Can my custom character impregnate sonic, otherwise tis is a 0/10

Author — Bob Wow


''Where everyone loves Sonic''

''And Green Hill Zone from uh....Sonic 2''

Author — AllCrush40Songs AreNotTheSame


Hmmm I would rate it a 7.5 but I guess 6.9 is ok

Author — fabulous cars fan 129 2.0


6.9??? A decent score on a new 3D Sonic? Are you sure this is IGN?

Author — Edgy The Hedgy


"For everything else sonic related, keep it here at IGN, WHERE EVERYONE LOVES SONIC" LMAO

Author — Dhundup Tsering


I haven't seen the video as of typing this comment I'm predicting a 4-5 out 10 because it's sonic and IGN hates sonic. I will edit this later
Edit: 6.9 out of 10 a fair review. "Keep it here at IGN where everyone loves sonic"

Author — Alejandro Espinoza


Considering the low scores this has been getting, I'm surprised IGN of all places gave it a 6.9

Author — FoneyBone1


This a more fair score than those losers over at Sonic Stadium gave it.

Author — Clyde BlueSnake


"Keep it here on IGN where everyone loves sonic" sigh just stop lying.

Author — Tacklemon


Well, at least it's an okay game. Good thing it didn't ruin the series again

Author — NetUser Account