Blake Builds A Manual Trainer

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Building this simple trainer will allow you to practise your balance skills on your mountain bike at home. Being able to find and hold this position will develop your technique for manuals and wheelies and you’ll start to use the rear brake less and your hips more. Let Blake show you how he built his 🛠

When using power tools of any kind we advise you to exercise caution and use the appropriate safety gear⚠️

You will need:
Power drill
Hand saw or Power saw (Only if you have parental guidance)
Tape Measure
Straight edge (Right angle rule)
Eye safety goggles
Screws 4x50
4x2 planks x2
6x2 planks x2

Full length = 240cm / 2400mm / 94.5 inches
Full width = 114cm / 1140mm / 44.5 inches
Full height = 54cm / 540mm / 21.2 inches

Length of wheel trough 58cm / 580mm / 22.8 inches
Length of each side of the wheel trough 61.5cm / 615mm / 24.2 inches
Height of the wheel back plate 50cm / 500mm / 19.6 inches
Length of the side supports (Cut a 45 degree angle) 38cm / 380mm / 4.7 inches

Hopefully this has helped you out and now you can start building your own and start practicing your manuals in your front room in front of the TV.

Just remember if you have a fat bike or a plus size tyre, you'll need to compensate for the difference in wheel size and use a wider base plank.

If you have any questions about the build, or about how to manual, leave them in the comments below 👇

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💬 Comments

Has Blake inspired you to build your own manual trainer?

Author — Global Mountain Bike Network


I love Blake's enthusiasm in every video he does. All the presenters are great, but Blake just always seems so happy and enthused! Makes the videos even more enjoyable.

Author — Chris Aiello


After watching him use the handsaw, I had to assume Blake didn't have any parental supervision lol.

Great video by the way, Blake.

Author — motivatedbyhaters85


I made one recently, made the section that clamps the tyre a bit of a tighter fit though, usually have to drop 10 psi to get it to fit so it's nice and firm, and I recommend taking your chain off to practice (just slide it off the front cog onto the frame) - it's too easy otherwise to use the pedals to balance.

Author — James Waller


I just love Blake's energy and enthusiasm. It's infectious and makes me feel like I'm having fun just watching him.

Author — Kyle's Channel


Blake’s super excited. He’s just like a big kid. I love the enthusiasm.

Author — Ryan Marshall


I love how genuinely surprised Blake sounds that what he made actually worked!!

Author — MacBradaigh


Add a rope at front to wheel or to frame so it doesn’t flip back ward and land on that long wood, it’s to avoid unnecessary major spinal injuries.
Nice idea, I have to have a go

Author — dave m c


Make it a little fancy and it can be kept in the living room as a piece that not only holds your bike as a bike stand but doubles as a manual trainer.

Author — v1d300


Thank you for this video. I built one of these the day I saw this video. Great confidence booster and great way to get that muscle memory down less than a day I was getting that front wheel off the ground consistently. Thanks

Author — thomas Lang


Hands down, the best how-to vid I've seen yet on the manual machine. I may just have to build one for winter training! Thanks Blake and GMBN!

Author — Ryan Schlagheck


Built it, tried it, just got back from a ride and was able to manual a hell of a lot better. Thanks Blake

Author — kris aitken


Thanks. Those were some impressively clean cuts too. I will be building one of these, thanks again.

Author — 22astom


Thanks, Blake! I just built one of these, and I'm wondering how significant the risk is to damaging your rear wheel on these? When I got on mine, I felt like the rear wheel was flexing more than I'm comfortable with. Is it just me?

Author — Andy Perez


If you want even a bit more support on the upright plate, I'd imagine you could pretty easily add in a pair of braces in the back as well. Also, if you attach the wing to the underside of the bottom plank, there's no need for extra cuts for the feet.

Author — Daniel Griffin


Never thought of building one of these, love the way you guys present stuff keep up the good work

Author — Tony Chambers


Thanks for making this video, Blake! UPDATE: Built mine today! Works great.

Author — Whit Stodghill


I built this and it worked so well!!! Thanks a ton Blake!

Author — Laura Johnson


THANK YOU BLAKE! I have been struggling for a long time. This will surely help me!!!

Author — Joe Vasquez


“I'm gonna mark it about... here“ Laughed my ass of 😂😂 I like that your build is 100% live built, without any script so it's more realistic.

Author — Jannik L.