Coronavirus Leaves 3M Scrambling To Cover A Face Mask Shortage

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Coronavirus Leaves 3M Scrambling To Cover A Face Mask Shortage 4.5

The United States industrial giant is the maker of Post-It notes, Scotch Tape, and one of the most desperately needed medical supplies in the world right now: N95 facial masks.

The $32 billion Minnesota conglomerate 3M is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of N95 filtering face masks, which have been in high demand in the U.S. and around the world since the coronavirus outbreak.

N95 respirators are so named because they are capable of filtering out 95% of large and small particles, including certain types of bacteria.

They are considered essential equipment in occupations ranging from construction to medicine.

And in early 2020 health officials worried there were not nearly enough of them. In early March, officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said the country had only about 35 million of the 3.5 billion N95 respirators needed in the event of a full-blown pandemic.

3M doubled global production to 1.1 billion per year from about 400 million per year, and the company said in late March it plans to double production again to 2 billion within 12 months.

The explosion of face mask demand could provide a small boost for 3M, which reported sales of about $32 billion in 2019. The company does not break down the actual size of its face mask business, but some Wall Street analysts estimate 3M sold anywhere from $100 million to $325 million in face masks prior to the outbreak of the disease. The outbreak could add another $300 million in sales, said one analyst.

This would be only a tiny portion of 3M’s overall business, but the importance of the product still has focused a tremendous amount of attention on the company.

Shares of 3M, which are valued at about $78 billion, have fallen more than 22% since the start of the year.

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Coronavirus Leaves 3M Scrambling To Cover A Face Mask Shortage

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Also how is toilet paper still running out?? Shouldn't the hoarders have already bought what they need 2 weeks ago? Is this the diarrhea virus???

Author — Cloud Flight


As a woodworker I would have never imagined the day when I would be flexing with a N95 dust mask

Author — Tony E


Plenty of unemployed Americans who could be hired to produce this stuff

Author — PRO HEN


America wake up. We have outsourced everything.

Author — raiderskull75


13 reasons why... we should have manufacturing in the US

Author — USER_NAME1429


Idiots saying that surgical masks will not protect people. They will prevent the spread of the virus by blocking particles from the one who is wearing the mask.

Author — MR SLAV


3M makes 10 million masks a week and doesn’t sell to America....this didn’t age well

Author — Joshua Bardell


Found a new and unused n95 respirator in my garage from when I do my crafts and hobbies. Gave it to my 76 year old mother.

Author — Lone Wolf


If the type of masks don’t protect against the virus, why save them for health care workers then?

Author — An Lu


Shouldn't we be wearing swim goggles with a tight seal too?

Author — SWLinPHX


So basically everything in the US is basically


Author — nick99


By the grace of God I had three boxes of N95s in my shop for painting, been giving them to those in need.

Author — ora et labora


Producing these masks is like selling and extracting crates of gold!

Author — Mahir Hoq


I just have one question for these greedy gougers, what will you do when you get the virus and there are no doctors and nurses in your community because you sold the PPE you could have donated to keep them working?

Author — nGAhGENVH0Ul


2 major things to learn here: Bring manufacturing back to the USA, especially of critical items of national health and security! Over 80% of our medicines are made in China. And never trust the media or government/organizations without doing your own research! I knew the whole "masks don't work" advice was bogus as soon as they said's common sense.

Author — Womb Raider


Everyone should wear masks. It wont stop all transmissions, but it can limit spread from those who don't know they are sick. Make your own mask from t-shirts. #Masks4All

Author — Kyle Pierce


I'll be first in line to buy the Tesla Elon Mask.😷

Author — 🔴Warped🔴


The worst thing about this disease is there totally recommending the general public not wear masks when a large percentage between 20% and 50% of cases are asymptomatic which will never show. Which means they'll be out there spreading. The mask will generally will help keep the people who have it from spreading it but it also is shown to reduce your contact as well if worn appropriately. Meaning not getting your hands up under the mask and touching your face more. Also using correct hand hygiene after taking off the mask. It's a shame what the CDC and World Health Organization was doing. Now they're changing their guidelines for wearing masks because of the shortages. I understand not taking masks from healthcare workers but everyone should wear at least a improvised mask to help with the spreading and potentially ingestion of.

Author — Tim Z


Producing these mask is like printing money

Author — Snotty Scotty


10:29 that mask doesn't even fit that woman, almost no use wearing it

Author — Quazmodian