Republican immigrant challenging Ocasio-Cortez in 2020 speaks out

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Republican immigrant challenging Ocasio-Cortez in 2020 speaks out 5

Scherie Murray on her Republican Congressional campaign against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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She speaks rationally instead of screaming like a banshee.

Author — Debra Sanders


She seems like a Godsend! Smart, attractive with a calm intelligent demeanor.

Author — Michael .Wise


Wow, she has great ideas and it's so refreshing to hear someone from NY who isn't a Radical Leftist. I wish her the Best of Luck.

Author — Val Schaub


This lady is smart and well articulated. I hope she does beat AOC.

Author — Ted Waga


Wish, I lived in NY, only to campaign for this lady.

Author — Beatleographer


I like her!! I am voting for her!!! I am from the Bronx in that same district! I truly believe Miss Murray will change the scope for the Bronx and Queens!

Author — MrFrankqu58


I have a feeling AOC will refuse debate. If not, I wanna watch.

Author — Bryce Jensen


I like this woman, she's got MY vote!
Loved what she named the "squad": "AOC plus three" 🤣

Author — loren719


Mrs Murry, if I lived in your state I would MOST DEFINITELY vote for you.

Author — American Patriotic GBA


God bless you Ms. Murray and all the best in your 2020 fight for AOC. You are an amazing woman and thank you.🥰

Author — jeremy thein


Please vote this women in. This is what a real adult looks acts and talks like.

Author — JC LI


there is a woman of color that I can respect. Bravo young lady! You have my respect, my support and my dollars!

Author — Robert Bohn


We need to send this gal some money!! Justice Democrats will be pumping plenty into AOC's campaign!!

Author — Deplorable Dee


God bless this woman, and raise up more conservatives just like her.

Author — Monty Martin


She talks like a real person. Definitely someone to replace bug eyes.

Author — J. Doberman


Within the first 30 seconds I could tell she is on a whole other level than aoc. Night and day difference I wish I could vote for her. Come on New York!

Author — Bobby Badmon


"Yeah! AOC +3!" Omg I loved her at that moment lol

Author — Kazperian


I have said it before and I will say it again... Republican Women are Intelligent women! I salute you Congresswoman Murray! God bless you always!

Author — Art Mercines


I love it!! She is dialed in! AOC will get smoked! Very impressed, she has the vision needed...

Author — Chris Ellis


Employment has risen for all ethnicities. Thank you!

Author — Kimberly Hughes