HOW CHEAP IS TORONTO!? (Luxury Apartment Tour)

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HOW CHEAP IS TORONTO!? (Luxury Apartment Tour) 4.5

Apartment tour of my apartment I rented while in Toronto, Canada.

Toronto Apartment tour in a luxury apartment in New Toronto. This was a great Airbnb and relatively cheap for how spacious it was. Especially if split between a few friends you could be paying just $25/night for it!
Toronto travel vlog of trying poutine and exploring the city.



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Toronto is not cheap. But NY makes Toronto look cheap.

Author — The Fozzy Bear


I am so sorry you had to suffer through Timmies poutine :'( find a Smoke's or local poutinery :D

Author — Kal El


I live Toronto, love this city, clean, friendly but very expensive. Real estate in Toronto is way to expensive, the Airbnb your in probably would run a little over a million. Good to see you in Toronto and great vid.

Author — eh Joe


No, no, don't go to Tim Hortons for poutine... Next time go to Smoke's Poutinerie. They are all over Toronto.

Poutine at fast food is never really good. If you want real Canadian poutine go to a restaurant/ fast food that specializes in poutine.

Trust me, we Canadian's are passionate about our poutine.

Author — Melissa R


LOL how is Toronto supposed to be cheap, I live in Toronto and it's very expensive but there are a lot of rich people.

Author — XXX0_0 SAD


I love when people explore my city. I'm glad your experience was great! Come back soon! 💄

Author — TheTellieTube


Signed up for skillshare :O Thanks Brett Conti!

Author — LivingBobby


I want to go to live Toronto it is my dream(from Ukraine)

Author — Oleg Hayovskiy


Oh my gosh you should go to Montreal! Like way cheaper than any other major canadian city, insanely beautiful, friendly and big skate scene

Author — Sophie Price


Hey I recognize that condo area you were staying in. It's actually not the downtown core but in Etobicoke....and you biked past Humber Bay Bridge which is pretty cool that you guys went from the west end all the way to the east (Distillery District). Anyways still loved the video, if you're here again will show you some more cool spots!!

Author — Stephanie Lake


damn this was actually really inspiring man! have grown up in London all my life and about to go into my final year of university studying photography, and out of anywhere in the world Toronto has always been somewhere I've wanted to live - I dunno this video has just given me that extra motivation to work on making that dream a reality, thanks dude and keep killing it!

Author — Ryan Guinn


The underground mall you were looking for is the Eaton Centre which is filled with people 7 days a week. It’s an above ground and underground mall that you can access from the underground “Path” you were on.

Author — City Living Guide


They did start selling some wine and beer in some grocery stores. It's a fairly recent thing though.

Author — Eusunt Dac


In Quebec, you can actually buy beer and wine in grocery stores

Author — Jérémie Garceau


5:25 who thought it was eaton centre fellow Canadians

Author — Muhammad Haroon


Damn Brett I’m in Montreal right now, I’m sad that I missed you in Canada ! 😢 Hope you’re having fun in Africa !

Author — Jill Leflour


Dude just found your videos and they are giving me life. Huge inspiration for my own content and giving me more motivation to keep grinding. Keep up the awesome work.

Author — Alexander De Luca


Born and raised in Toronto the city has gone to shit over the last 10 years thank god I no longer live there...

Author — Michael Rooney


poutine at tim horton's :(, but i hope you enjoyed your stay

Author — Omar Abouhassan


So awesome!!! I'll check out skillshare to improve my Japanese!! Also Brett you're literally my favorite YouTuber cause you showcase two of my favorite things.. skateboarding and Keep up the wonderful videos. Can't wait for Africa!

Author — Oliver Clive