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My Minimalist Apartment 5

While moving into my new apartment I came to the realization that I have too much STUFF. There is really no other way to put it…
In just the few short years that I’ve lived on my own, I had acquired enough stuff to fill multiple U-Haul trucks. How was this possible? Why do Americans have so many belongings and are they necessary to feel fulfilled in life?

When I moved into my new apartment in August I wanted to try something new. I made the decision to adopt a way of living known as minimalism. Contrary to what you may have heard, the goal of minimalism is NOT to deprive yourself of materialistic goods, but rather to focus on the items that add value to your life.

In today's society, we find ourselves with duplicate items. How many of us have a cell phone graveyard drawer in our home? What about that old microwave in your basement? Why do we have three coffee pots?

In this video, I will share my story of becoming a minimalist.

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Author — Nate O'Brien


My bank account chose the minimum lifestyle, not me.

Author — Miciah


this kid makes $40000 per month and lives like he broke. respect.

Author — Zane Fields


The fact that this guy is 21 yrs old shocks me for he sounds like my grandpa.

Author — Felix Huang


This guy’s an old soul. Got a lot of wisdom for his age.

Author — OneWomanAndSomeSongs


"He is rich who knows he has enough." ~Lao Tzu

Author — Dustin Miller


Damn, Nephew.

I thought you liked my gifts :(

Author — Alex Prana


minimalists on youtube= rich, white hipsters living comfortably in the best part of town

Author — alex dornelli


Nate: "I was born in '98"

Me: "wait, that was like yesterday right.."

Author — Four Horsemen


As an asian, the way he placed his feet on the table made me kinda uncomfortable hahahaha btw, love this vid!!!

Author — TheWalkingJournal


I love the fact that common sense has become a trend.

Author — Rääpynä


We keep acquiring what we don't need just to please others but deep down it's a waste of money, why not invest that money and grow your financial capability.

Author — Tim Coady


Less things in your house, means you have less things to clean. It makes perfect sense.

Author — Kim Fields


I make myself rich by making my wants few. ~ David Henry Thoreau

Author — Apokalypseplease


You should take your shoes off inside. They only track in germs. When you slung them up on the table I was pretty shocked. I think shoe removal fits your personality quite well and will keep things clean.

Author — Learn Japanese From Zero!


This guy talks about his past life, like he is 50. Lol

Author — Night Owl


21 and talks about "MY minimalist apartment" when every single 21 year old +- lives like this because there's no other choice

Author — zuga -


This was my house until my wife moved in XD

Author — Darrel Daley


6:40 "build this desk with wood lying around the house when I was 12" - wel, good thing your dad wasn't a minimalist...

Author — N'est pas une pipe


He lost me at the coffee grounds in the cup😂😂😂

Author — Aaron B