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While moving into my new apartment I came to the realization that I have too much STUFF. There is really no other way to put it…
In just the few short years that I’ve lived on my own, I had acquired enough stuff to fill multiple U-Haul trucks. How was this possible? Why do Americans have so many belongings and are they necessary to feel fulfilled in life?

When I moved into my new apartment in August I wanted to try something new. I made the decision to adopt a way of living known as minimalism. Contrary to what you may have heard, the goal of minimalism is NOT to deprive yourself of materialistic goods, but rather to focus on the items that add value to your life.

In today's society, we find ourselves with duplicate items. How many of us have a cell phone graveyard drawer in our home? What about that old microwave in your basement? Why do we have three coffee pots?

In this video, I will share my story of becoming a minimalist.

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Author — Nate O'Brien


I love the fact that common sense has become a trend.

Author — Rääpynä


throwing so much shade at your uncle. just tell him you dont like his gifts

Author — Brendan Howard


My bank account chose the minimum lifestyle, not me.

Author — Miciah


So he lives in Philly and has a rich uncle? I think I've heard that before.

Author — Vlad Adrian Libotean


The only problem i see is the lack of plants.

Author — yonoexist0


I didn't choose the minimalist life, the minimalist life chose me

Author — Kesav Turapati


I hope he never has to call 911 but he can’t cause his phone is stuck in a cookie jar

Author — Allison Allaman


*gets off phone, and goes straight to computer * lmao



Someone breaks into his house
**stares at cookie jar**
**chuckles** I’m in trouble

Author — Kip Learning


One of the benefits of living with less "stuff" is that we spend less time cleaning! Now that's what I call living comfortable :)

Author — Jazmin Bautista


I was hoping to see a complete empty flat no clothes or furniture.

Author — OrgancGreenHealthyLiving


I have an almost uncontrollable urge to send him an 8 slice toaster that doesn’t work.

Author — Archie Bunker


In Bulgaria we call this type of caffee "Turkish coffee".

Author — Raicho Nikolov


he looks like he can slice a pb&j perfectly.

Author — Mahdi Alin


Why spend all that money to boil water, ...
1 tsp of ground coffee in your mouth, ...
wash it all down with cold tap water, ... done!

Author — Paul Boudreau


just raw chicken everywhere. just everywhere.

Author — Wy Lie


he is the same age as me but he is so matured and here i am laying on my stomach watching youtube with mouse pointer shaped like pink lollipop

Author — ony agnes


Yeah, get a smaller TV. I'm in a studio, still trying to have somewhere to sit, sleep, write, eat

Author — Tymbus


Loved the tour. Well done, Nate! That cookie jar idea is brilliant!!

Author — Matt D'Avella