Pat Shurmur Mic'd Up vs. Buccaneers 'Can you stay on your feet?' | NFL Films

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Pat Shurmur Mic'd Up vs. Buccaneers 'Can you stay on your feet?' | NFL Films 5
New York Giants head coach, Pat Shurmur, mic'd up vs. the Buccaneers in Week 11 of the 2018 NFL Season.

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"Can you stay on your feet?"

"No promises."

An accurate summation of Eli and his O-line...

Author — Pac Man


I love shurmur so much. The record doesn’t show how much this team likes him and loves to play for him. I hope he’s in New York for a long time I love him.

Author — Marc Milo


Man, Barkley is going to be a future champion. He's so humble, so focused, and the Mic'd Up episode on him showed how much of a leader he can be. Much respect.

Author — OsidiustheEmphatic


"Thought you were gonna pick it."

"I did! Tree took it off of me!"

Author — Jonathan Mendez


Good coach. Can't wait to see what he does with a line and more of his type of players.

Author — Abdoulaye Kamara


Manning so quick to agree with Shurmur about running the ball😂😂😂

Author — Haden Shoup


Hey man ty NFL films for showing all of us your refs have no clue what a holding is! Incompetence across the league.

Author — No days off


Giants went 4-4 The last 8games of the season, with 3of those losses coming by a combined 5points, to all playoff teams(cowboys, eagles, colts). Not to mention the offense was humming the last 5-7 games, and a lot of the last 4-5 games were played without Landon, Odell, and Ogletree. Also Oline was pretty solid 2nd half of the yr.
Another words, Shurmur had those guys getting better and by Seasons end, they were playing solidly, and were a diff team from the first 2months. Sign of a heck of a coach. Of course wasent gonna be overnight, but damn good job overall, and to see the kinda progress gmen had under Shurmur from the 1st half of season to the 2nd, as they learned his style and he learned his players, and so on and so forth was awesome! This teams gonna be at least a WC team in 2019.

Author — Stiltmans Stilt


This QB class will have a hidden gem somewhere, but we shouldn’t pull the trigger until 2020. This class isn’t that good and will not be any better than Eli. Just block for him....

Author — Giants/Mets/Blazers


He said “Can you stay on your feet” because of the play early in the game where Eli fell lol

Author — Nick Bronson


Eli is quick with his wit. QB and HC have a nice rapport

Author — Jess K


Winston is such a big disappointment! Buccaneers should consider quarterback in 2020 because it’s expected to be a good class that year

Author — Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT


"Obviously, you're not looking."

Pat cracks me up 😂😂😂

Author — SithLordNefaar022


How many people would’ve put money down that the “Can you stay on your feet” line was for Eli?

Author — Athens_1 PSVR


“Obviously you’re not lookin” to the ref lol sounds like my high school coach, he once got a personal foul for drawing a diagram of what he was talking about to the refs

Author — Nick Bronson


Dang that beginning was awesome Pat shurmur and DeSean Jackson then you have Eli Manning And JPP

Author — StealthRaven


1:33 😂😂 He was really trying to get anyone to listen to what he was saying but nobody cared 😭😭

Author — InfiniteJoy22


This is how a coach should talk to his players at 1:10...It keeps it loose and pros for the most part know their jobs

Author — chazz Lucas


Bettcher and Shurmur

Both great hires

Author — Jeffrey Abbey


Pat Shurmur is probably as mellow as they get as far as NFL head coaches go. The anti- Jon Gruden, if you will.

Author — Charlie Lan