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YouTube Statistics and Data | How to Use YouTube Analytics? 📈 5

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YouTube Analytics is a free built-in tool that is designed to help you analyze the effectiveness of your channel and every individual video on it. If you use it correctly, it’ll help you understand how to improve your channel to get more views and subscribers. So let’s see how you can read your YouTube Analytics!

This tab includes your channel’s data summary which contains some information on your traffic sources, and your viewers’ age and gender. Also, here’s the Realtime section that represents the number of channel views in each hour and top 10 of your most viewed videos. So if you need to review your YT Analytics, check out this tab.

Hit “Reach” if you want to know what videos your content appears net to as suggested. And here are also the “Impressions” and “Impressions click-through rate (CTR)” tabs. So the Impressions story is pretty clear, but what is CTR (or click-through rate)? CTR is the ratio between clicks on your videos’ thumbnails and their impressions.

The “Engagement” tab contains tops of videos and entire playlists compiled according to different parameters. Here you can learn your watch time hours and average view duration expressed in minutes. These parameters are more important than likes or dislikes, when it comes to YouTube channel promotion.

If you want to know how many viewers watch your content without subscribing to your channel, you should go to the “Audience” tab. All the info you need is here, in the “Watch time from subscribers” section. By the way, according to YouTube, most users stop watching a video in the first 15 seconds if they decide it’s not interesting. That’s why, to improve your YouTube content, you have to control YouTube audience retention. You can find this kind of graph in the individual video data.

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I watch the recommended videos and my subscriptions most often.

Author — D_Rock


Very helpful! hope i can grow over time

Author — Fly with Arman


Please add a Cinematic Luts Movavi Editor.

This is Very Usefull Tool Any Video Editor.

Author — A K &.


I've spent 17 hours this week resaving and trying to upload a Movavi video to YouTube and it just won't upload....I'm beyond there a recent glich? It's always worked in the past.

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WOW my channel sucks LMAO Now I wish I hadn't watched this video...Reality Bites 😄

Author — Steve J


I'm wondering about how i can find analytics and statistics for youtube videos i've been WATCHING the most of.
This is to find an answer to the question of "what are your interests", something i think everyone has some level of difficulty answering.
I'm trying to decide whether to go to university next year or do something else, so I think finding statistics on my own interests from viewing stats could be a good way of helping myself decide what kind of path to choose.

I can't find anything on finding the analytics for videos the individual has watched their own youtube account, everyone's instead talking about what everyone in certain demographics is watching for the purpose of making youtube videos, or which of your videos are the most popular at a certain time, which isn't what i'm looking for.

Anyone know anything about this?
Have I missed something or is this just not a feature?
It should be, besides, if youtube gets to see, keep and use this data then so should I.

Author — Max


Hi movavi.. Please help as after exporting any video from movavi edititer the file size is very big which is almost not possible to send some one or share in social site please reply.. i am just bought Movavi editor 2020

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♦ To @MovaviOfficial → On the 20th February I forwarded to your Support Team a support request and got an email conformation, that my request is received and being processed. Today is the 25th February – 5 days are over: NO reply. Question: what’s going on?

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This is totally irrelevant to this video.
However, I've got Movavi Video Suite 17 and I am looking at getting a 360 degree camera but I'm not sure if Movavi Video Suite 17 can handle and edit 360 degree footage?

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Hello very nice awesome video So help full info

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Please explain how to set black&white in newest Movavi

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