Belize City and Altun Ha

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Our trip to the Mayan temple Altun Ha in Belize

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The same lady that is talking during your tour was the same person that gave me and my group our tour along with a couple others this past December 2019. This was a beautiful place to visit and I recommend it to all. I was a tad bit disappointed they wouldn't allow me to fly my drone there. I can understand if they said you can't take off from in there but outside of there too? Great video and information you gave.

Author — Damond Wilson


I visited this site June 2018 with Tour Guide Brandon VERY INTERESTING TOUR

Author — Winfield Theo


I am first generation Belizean. This is beautifully done. Thanks

Author — Mrs. Brown


Leave poverty alone. It is what it is.

Author — Harcourt Paget