Inside Kobane: Keeping Islamic State at bay

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Inside Kobane: Keeping Islamic State at bay 4.5

The Kurdish border city of Kobane in Northern Syria has been under siege by Islamic State fighters for more than three months. But Kurdish forces are managing to retain hold of most of the city. As well as keeping IS at bay – they see getting their story out to the rest of the world as a vital part of their mission. An Iranian Kurdish film-maker spent two weeks inside Kobane following the men and women risking their lives to publicise the ongoing battle.

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Oh Kurds, you are the most respectful people in the middle east. Support from india

Author — Ravichandran Sundaram


As a Muslim I give credit to the Kurds. They didnt run away like iraq army.

Author — Abdul Ali


I have so mutch respect for the Kurds.. They have been prosecuted for years first by the Russians then the Turks and now this . They never give up and always keep there head held high so mutch respect for them ! . 

Author — Joker


"You might kill a kurd, but you will never kill kurdistan"

Author — shervin nadery


Kurds are the best fighters in all of the Middle East.

Author — Ron Smith


beautiful people with beautiful values. The most deserving of a state are denied a state. It's an abomination

Author — Dionysian


From an American in Afghanistan, we see you,  we support you, may God protect the Kurds fighting this evil on your land, God Bless you  all.

Author — Max lynette


I remove my hat in respect to the Kurds . From the Orthodox Christians in the USA.

Author — fred pace


Long live Kobani, salute to Kurdish people for standing still for freedom..

Author — Imran Ashraf


Congratulations to the Kurdish nation and the volunteers of have defeated the terrorists!!!

Author — TheJeffNasty


I am a Christian Guatemalan living in the U.S. and I support the struggle for liberation in Kobane long live The Kurds and the YPG.

Author — charlie ligorria


The Kurds are a brave and decent people.

Full support from Arkansas, USA.

Author — PhiloAmericana


People in the comments talking about Islam and shit...You do realize the Kurdish fighters are Muslims right?



Brave kurdish women and men. Best luck and greetings from switzerland!

Author — Toxot


Love the Kurds!!!! Long live the resistance in Kobane, long live Kurdistan!

Author — TheGreatOne


I've never seen such courage and equality...I admire this people!!! 

Author — Sim Rama


Inside a city under siege - meet the men and women risking their lives to publicise their battle with the Islamic State.

Author — BBC News


Since I was young I always had a high respect for the Kurdish People, since the days of the PKK and Öcalan. No, I'm no marxist/leninist/communist at all, in fact I hate dogmae of any kind be they ideological, religious or political...
I admire their high self esteem and their pragmatic attitude towards life in general which allows them to be relaxed and cool, respect their wifes and women and being immune against any kind of fanatism or fatalism.
I know that's a very general and simplified point of view though I only know a few here in Western Europe but with their attitude they blend into our lifestyles with ease without neglecting their roots.
I wish the Kurds as one ethnos will be able to get self-governance and self-administration soon.

Author — Mabra Fule


Its inspiring to see people fight for their homes. Very brave and honorable. Every community around the world needs men and women just like this.

Author — Rob


Truly amazing people, even with a war going on around them, they looked happy

Author — phillip clatworthy