BOE 12.3' Rollable Phone, 7.7' Foldable Phone, BD Cell, Printed OLED, 8K VR, Automotive, mini-LED

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BOE 12.3' Rollable Phone, 7.7' Foldable Phone, BD Cell, Printed OLED, 8K VR, Automotive, mini-LED 4.5

At SID Display Week 2019, BOE shows their latest 12.3" Rollable Phone, 7.7" Foldable Phone, many other flexible displays, UHD displays, micro-displays, other world-leading technologies and innovative applications such as their Smart driving experience brought by flexible display for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) comprising a smart driver cabin and a spliced display screen of three units in three rows with only 0.99 mm bezels allowing visitors to experience a brand-new in-car display solution of the future. In addition to flexible display applications, BOE also displays the world-leading UHD display solution called the BD CELL UHD display which features an ultra-high static contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1, a bit depth of 12 bit, and a black field brightness of less than 0.003 nits, BOE also presents a host of 8K products, including 75" 8K 120Hz display, a 3.5" 8K VR display, and 0.39" 8K spliced VR display. Under the "8425 Strategy" (promote 8K, popularize 4K, replace 2K and make good use of 5G), BOE is now speeding up the application of 8K in many fields. Other leading-edge technologies and solutions that BOE shows at this show include the first ever HDR notebook featuring mini-LED, the 15.6" oxide display with an ultra-high refresh rate of 240Hz, the 55" inkjet-printed 4K OLED display, the 0.39" micro-OLED AR display that enjoys the world's largest pixel density of 5,644 PPI.

In the smart Automotive cabin, the information required for smart travel becomes part of the actual scene with the help of AR technology, the head-up display (HUD) can project useful information such as speed per hour and navigation onto the front windshield for the driver's reference. In addition, BOE replaces the conventional in-car LCD with flexible display. The 12.3" three-unit flexible display is backed by the OLED pixel compensation circuit technology developed by BOE, which can effectively improve the brightness uniformity of mid-sized OLED displays and provide better audiovisual experience for car users, BOE applies flexible AMOLED displays to transparent A-pillars, rearview mirrors to solve the problem of driver's blind spots in automotive design. The flexible display can perfectly match the shape of the A-pillar and show data with delay shorter than one millisecond. With the help of camera, the images blocked by the A-pillar can be shown on the flexible display, thus eliminating blind spots in the field of view. By applying flexible display, the rearview mirror can also be customized according to the interior shape of the car. BOE's smart cabin is equipped with a 6.39" flexible display as a built-in rearview mirror, which makes it safer to drive the car even on rainy and snowy days, BOE also exhibited some innovative applications of in-car display, such as center console solution that supports gesture-based interaction and V-shaped mini-LED for cars. BOE's high-end in-car display panels have been supplied to automakers in the United States, Germany, the UK, Japan and South Korea.

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