Confetti Collection | February 2021 | 8 Items for $19.99? | Budget Friendly Subscription Box

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This was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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If they didn’t send you another box in the future would you become a paid subscriber to it?

Author — Angie LupusLife Reviews


I love Milo. When he sits on the edge of the bed watching he looks like a wine waiter in his black and white.

Author — Caroline Everatt


Georgia Sunshine: Your furbaby Looked so cute in the background

Author — Julie Johnson


Sunshine Squad. 20 for all of that!? That seemed like one of the more 'across' the board usable boxes I've seen, and for only 20 that's not too shabby.

Author — Brick Bard


Loved seeing Milo sitting up just looking. Sunshine squad 🌞☃️

Author — Cammy Canfield


Sunshine squad. That is a great box this time. I love how you and Milo color coordinated your outfits today 😁😁😁😁

Author — Rhonda Branham


There was a lot in that box for only $20! Sunshine Squad 🌞

Author — Hope Guidry


I always look forward to confetti collection! In my hardest timers last year (kinda still in them lol) I kept only confetti collection and had to cancel all other subscriptions. Can't wait to get mine this month 💜 #SunshineSquad

Author — Love N Light


I love that weekly to do pad. I need to get something like that!
Sunshine Squad 🌞

Author — Lisa Fogal


Sunshine squad! Loving the hair today!

Author — Ronda Langlois


Sunshine Squad- can’t wait to get mine now. Have an awesome week.

Author — Kim Brooks


🌄 still way behind but watching as much as I can each day ... Lost in Love 🙂

Author — Julie Mosher


I'm so.. forgetful so the more note pads I have laying around the better. Sunshine Squad ☀️

Author — Ginger *


Great box. I love their items. Milo really adds to your decor🐾🐾

Author — Candace Alderton


So cute! I might need this! #sunshinesquad

Author — Saving Grace


I get Confetti Collection but I just got mine in January with completely different items so I guess my next box will be in March. I love your cat Milo.

Author — Joann Reisch


Your hair is really looking good. I like it at this longer length. Will see how cute it is when it gets to where you want it lengthwise.

Author — Karen Cluts


I miss this box. Can’t wait to get it back. One more year.
Sunshine Squad 🤗

Author — Kathy Omlor


I love watching this unboxing! Sunshine squad 🌞

Author — Stacie Notinokey


I love this box too! And their customer service is the best.

Author — Jodi Girl