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(*I meant Vlogmas day 4) 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😊Hey there! If you've followed me since day one, you've seen Ben in my vlogs and Instastories @jordieandrade (he has his own highlight bubble). I decided to make a video about Ben, since we are doing 25 videos in 25 days! I am asked quite often about him, and people seem to think he's an easy or friendly pet. I'm here to shed some light on what it's like to have a bird like him :) We won't go to deep into it here unless you'd like to! Comment down below!!

Vlogmas Day 4

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Birds are underrated in my opinion. When I worked at Petco a long time ago I used to bring out our conure to hang out on me while I worked. Coolest bird ever! Sadly someone stole my work Buddy on my day off.

Author — ForShootsandGiggles


That was really clever of you to get the latter and the guitar. You serenaded him back to you. awesome.

Author — Jonathan Fortiz


You singing to Ben had me all in my feelings 😍

Author — Diana B


This makes me want a pet bird omg he is the sweetest and so smart!! 😍💕



What a pretty bird! The color is beautiful, like cotton candy lol so pretty

Author — Mercedes Padilla


She is such a pleasant, good hearted person!

Author — fourbuick


Your voice is absolutely beautiful! I am glad I watched your video. I'm learning about birds. I think I heard Ben say "good boy" twice while he was in the sink.

Author — meg's utube


Awe, I love this and his ombré blue, so beautiful. Seeing Ben in your videos and on IG, parrotlets doesn’t seem like loud birds. His sounds are always so sweet. 💙

Author — Zaia Moreno


I’m getting my first bird tomorrow I’m so excited!!

Author — Kristen Phillips


I'm getting a parrotlet soon! And I've done a lot of research so your video popped up as recommended since I've watched a lot of videos about parrotlets and caring for them. :) Ben is adorable and seems very happy! I loved this video :)

Author — Sophie Chen


Your bird is so cute ☺️ I appreciate you Jordie for these videos because I’m sure you’re working very hard to upload everyday 🙌🏼 Whatever you set your mind to I know you can accomplish it 👊🏼 You’re a queen 👌🏼

Author — James Lacy


Awww I love seeing Ben on videos and your IG stories. 💙 Such a great vlog. Makes me kinda want a parrotlet of my own. But I don’t know how that would go with 2 English bulldogs in the house lol.

Author — Patty


This video really helped me, thank you! I’ve been saving my money up for a parrotlet and finally got one! He’ll be here in 3 weeks and I cannot wait :)

Author — Averie Grace Benson


Love getting a glimpse of you life daily! Love your videos 💛💛💛

Author — U A


I just got my first parrotlet today. She’s doing great. She’s my dad’s and he named her Dee Dee. She’s a little bit scared sitting in her cage. My cockatiel is singing to her to make her feel better 😂

Author — Belle


you'll be in my heart omg..thanks for giving me a song to sing to my future baby 😍 my mom told me i was allowed to have bird, and we searched for the certain bird species that would work for me, and a parrotlet speaks to my soul! i want a female one at my local pet store, got a name picked out and everything lmao. i've planned where my cages and opened play pens would go in my room for her so when she'd arrive, she'd already have plenty of comfort when arriving. i wanna spoil and sing her so manylullabiess and musical songs ksskks i love my bird yet and i dont even have her picked out yet

Author — Bucky Barnes & Nobles


When you first started playing the guitar it looked like he started dancing omg I love these birds🐦

Author — Kyleigh Affatati


Singing to him to comfort him at the beginning was so sweet! That's exactly what I'd do too

Author — Sochikki


I clicked to watch Ben, but stayed bc of your mesmerizing voice! It's so beautiful and so are you!

Author — Sophie Ngọc Sương Vo


Good video. Am enjoying these daily vlog. We get a glimpse of your life, knowing you more in a personal level. You're a lovely person. I can tell that any animals that come into your home. They'll be naturally drawn to you. You make an excellent mom. Love and hugs to Ben and Nala.

Author — E G