DJ Smokey - Evil Wayz Vol 3 (Full Mixtape) @djsmokey666

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1. Evil Wayz Vol 3: The Introduction
2. Murda In My Dreamz
3. Inside Tha Mind Of A Lunatic
4. Finderz Keeperz [Feat Loco Dunit & Lil Infamous]
5. Smoke Gang Costra Nostra [Feat El Pablo]
6. Racks Everywhere Part 2
7. Lofty 305 - Trippin On Fungi [Prod DJ Smokey]
8. Salute 2 El Chapo Part 2 [Feat El Pablo]
9. Mystery Van Servin Xans [Feat El Pablo]
10. Planet Xamilton Yamilton [Feat TTW & Ryan Morren]
11. Jose Guapo feat T.Dot & Moshine - Designer Official Rmx [Prod DJ Smokey & JMak]
12. Yung Gleesh feat KirbLaGoop - Smokin Boof Official Rmx [Prod DJ Smokey]
13. Run A Train 2016 [Feat Hurtboy AG & Reckanize]
14. Smokey Escobar
15. Xanada Bodeine Fiendz
16. Mike Dece & Ruben Slikk - Kodeen Storm [Prod Hurtboy AG & DJ Smokey]
17. Mushroom Aliens Part 1
18. Chiraq Kush Alienz [Feat Chace Davis]
19. Killaz From Tha North
20. Mushroom Aliens Part 2
21. Mushroom Island Monsters Intro
22. Lofty 305 & Ruben Slikk - Mushroom Island Monsters [Prod DJ Smokey]
23. Double My Cup Part 2
24. Smokey Houdini (Smokey Da Benzo Baby)
25. Purp Red Green
26. Birds Eye View [Feat Mike Xanax]
27. Miracles [Feat SmokeASac & Mike Xanax]
28. Hey Who Died? [Feat Yung Cortex]
29. Ignorance [Feat Reckanize]
30. Ridin In Dat Purple Thang 2016
31. Evil Wayz Vol 3: The Finale

This album is tha finale to tha Evil Wayz series Enjoy #EvilWayz

Cover art by quintloc art

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Dj smokey fans are some of the most positive people all praise smokey this a movement

Author — Thomas Ryan


i like that i don't have to keep putting songs on for a couple hours, and nothing lasts way to long to the point where its annoying, also awesome sounds throughtout the whole tape. diggg

Author — indieindie7


the most hyped mixtape of the year. will dj smokey ever stop going in so fucking hard?

Author — love Corinthians


Smokey is a fucking Legend man, big-ups to him for putting in work.

Author — gboted


waited so long for this with my homie will, fucking finally 😂😂 amazing can't wait to hear the rest m8!

Author — Doornolly Canolie


R.I.P Koopsta Knicca, amazing as always Smokey.

Author — Caged


I love the album cover maine. Hand Micheal Myers a cup of that kirby on Evil Wayz 4.

Author — Brenton Diggs


much love from north germany for another masterpiece smokey.
i call this art.

Author — Dellira


DJ Smokey's entire Discography is A-1.

Author — Geo


I was just playing Evil Wayz 2 at work telling my boy "dude needs to drop Evil Wayz 3 soon".

Author — Spike Razzor


This is amazing yo damn man dj smokey you a legend dawg... positive squad

Author — Michiel Wiggers


That is a sick mixtape cover fo realz.

Author — Novalisk


19:30 dude goes hard hittin salvia in the shower!!!! hahah yeahhh boi

Author — listerine strips


Holy Shit! This was a nice unexpected surprise !!  amazing beats as always bruh!!

Author — ZACH757


Man, that shit sounds great, u should put all these classics on vinyl or cd.
fr fr fr fr, respect, prpl drank still sippin'
DJ SMOKEY from very beggining till now, still dope as fuck

Author — chawsonTV


Thank you for the Metro Zu features, Smoky you are killing it

Author — Trillium Records


This really made my day! 2 hours of nothin but the finest! Smokey killin shit.

Author — Yung Desu Ka


Smokey provides a highway for my anxious feelings and general confusion and apathy towards my existence. Thanks Smokey!

Author — Kato Produktions


"excuse me sir, would you happen to know the time?"
bitch. its time to TRAP!"*
thank u DJ Smokey #positivesquad

Author — kingofda playazball


few tabs of lucy nd diss godly two hrs fer ya. thanks for another gem dj smokey

Author — matt christian