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Scheduling a meeting in Zoom that requires registration will allow you to have your participants register with their first name and e-mail. You can require other fields such as last name, organization, title, and even custom questions.

Registration and Zoom Polling
Registration also works with Zoom polling. When registered participants take poll questions, you can view each individual's poll results. Example: Susan is a registered participant and votes during polling. You can run a report is Zoom.US to see what Susan voted for during the polling.

Registration and Reports
You can also generate meeting registration reports if you want to download a list of people that registered. Registration is set up in Zoom.US. It is only for PAID accounts. It doesn't work with the basic or free account.

Registration - Manual or Automatic
Registration approval is automatic by default, but you can turn on manual registration. Automatic means when someone registers they get a confirmation email with the meeting link. With manual registration, you have to approve or deny the registration. This is done is Zoom.US also.

Registration and Banners and Logos
With registration, you can also add a Banner and your company logo to the registration page. This allows the registrants to quickly identify your company.

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Great tutorial. Thanks much Chris. Question: When attendees register, where are their email addresses stored, i.e., where can I retrieve the email addresses in list form?

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Where and how can we access the registration info? I would like to use it to build a list. Thanks for the great video!

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Thank you for the video very helpful!
How can I create one with multiple options on dates and times to select from to register?



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Two question for you. 1 Can you assign a particular name to someone when they register, so that when they join the meeting it appears in a particular way.
2: How the registration process work in other languages..

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Thanks for the easy to understand video on Registration. One suggestion - change the size of your computer text - I'd change the screen resolution. It's hard to read when the font is so small.

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Nice tutorial. One question, if I choose manually approved, is co-host can approve participant? or only host can do it?

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Thank you for this video. It made setting up 'registration' an easy task.

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Thank you Chris! Great Video again. Nice Zoom feauture.

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When users register for a meeting they will receive an email containing the meeting ID. Can they then share this meeting link with other unregistered users? Or is that meeting link unique to registered users only?

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excellent video Chris. If I use an automatic registration can I view the registrants at my leisure before the meeting.

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