Lindy Hop JnJ Finals. MXDC 2018

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Live music is performed by Hot Engines Band featuring Valeriy Kiselev. Special thanks to Ilya Latyshev for mastering the audio.

Moscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp 2018

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My favorite part about this dance style is that it has such an emphasis on fun. Only the most talented can successfully fake this kind of energy and happiness. It requires coordination and planning but you have to be in the mood for it to avoid making it look stiff.

Author — Talyn has time


I have a friend who does the Lindy Hop, he is a train guard on a private steam train and very quiet & reserved that is until he is on stage doing the Lindy Hop and the transformation is incredible! Can’t believe he is the same person. So much energy & the way he swings his partner (I’m thinking hey ho ! ) he wears the most fab set of clothes too. I say if you have got - get out there!

Author — Bardotte


Incredible. So fun and what life and dance should always be about. Thanks

Author — James Stables


Swing dancing and Lindy Hop is the best fun ever. All ages can learn and there are great festivals all over the world. You will never regret learning.

Author — C McDonald


Girl in the green beret has so much joy in her it makes me cry.

Author — barryschwarz


They all look so happy, I really love the vibes !

Author — Hannah Taylor


Watching this and smiling and yet at the same time realising how awfully serious life has become….it’s time to begin having fun again…

Author — Vanessa White


I went to try some lindy hop today with my dad. Although it was an introductory course, i was quite clearly the only one there who didn’t know the basic dance moves. Felt a bit out of place and i cant say i really got the hang of it from that one time, but im glad i did it. I’ve been allergic to dancing my entire (albeit, rather short) life and it was nice to get to dance with people you dont know with no strings attached, or history. The fact you change partner every few minutes also makes it way less awkward.

Author — Sander Cohen


I wish my high school prom has the taste like this.

Author — Leo Zendo


This is so incredible and fun, I'm from Brasil and I didn't know exist a dance like this, should be so wonderful and happy, now I really want to know how to dance like this

Author — Otsuchiko yuki


Watching it was so enjoyable😊 awesome performance👌🏻👏🏻

Author — brightmind


There is so much energy in this video! I can`t even imagine those feelings which was in the Wery cool!

Author — Максим


Came here to imagine how Sadie and George Amberson would have danced there Lindy Hop back in the days and I can say I got not disappointed.... Amazing dance...

Author — Christopher Cox


One day I want to be able to dance like this <3

Author — Spooky


wow this is awesome!! must be a great workout!!

Author — lvwrx


This dance makes my soul happy!😄💖💥and I have met great people as well!

Author — P S


I mean I loooove watching these.. and there are so many talented dancers! But I secretly wish everyone in the room had the enthusiasm and endurance to be jiving along the whole time.

Author — conscientious observer


Nostalgic.I miss my dance teacher whose patience was as much as my very poor practice...

Author — Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer


На эти чудо-действа можно смотреть без устали! Браво!!!

Author — геннадий РАЧИЛОВ



Author — Nesunaikinamas Kirminas