UNBELIEVABLE Water Bottle Flip Trickshots 2

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UNBELIEVABLE Water Bottle Flip Trickshots 2 4.5

This is our second bottle flip video! Make sure to check out our 1st!!!

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0:33 I'm pretty sure that it was falling

Author — Sandro Linares


Who came because of the thumbnail? Their clickbaiters


Author — gao lililily


0:48 the light flickers perfectly with his land

Author — Mr. P


When ever you flipped the marker I was like is water bottle flipping though

Author — Phebe Falvo


0:49 It's not even a bottle flip but also, good job!

Author — xAiden


You know what the heck is happening when you just find random water bottles everywhere...

Author — Aude


I can’t even bottle flip and you guys can OMG

Author — Tammy Melville


The trick is the amount of the water, Nice tho 👍 ❤️

Author — Lisa Po


He so amazing, we're figure out, how many times he did every challenge, coz we're filming out for our next vid for flip challenge, and it so damn challenging to flip a bottled water. This video help us to make more flip challenge. GOD bless you always.

Author — FunTays


How about a one stick bottel flip challenge make one shot

Author — twisted ostrich


We’re you guys inspired by dude perfect

Author — Just Pear


I fliped a glue stick in school and landed during a test

Author — notfazelucas _


That was so cool when you decide suitable roles and just got your face is like what your face of what how do I get that holy moly mate how did you get that all my God I can’t I can’t not go I can’t just can’t help that was like a lot of hard work some for rest see you mate Sia thanks for message when does the watching am faced listen to this message so yeah

Author — Blake Scott


Legend says some of these water bottles will never be reached and will be remembered by the masters

Author — Garrett's Corner


The more big the bottle is the more easier it would get. If you know what I’m talking about thumbs up 👍

Author — Lucas Umana


Well I never seen someone flip a bottle before

Author — Ethan Fritz


I capped it before at school
What happened was I put my water bottle down a railing
And it hit the end of it and went on the ground and was on the cap
Also if u liked that make this blue

Author — Wizard of Blitz