Is Trump Retweeting Britain First To 'Stoke Up' Islamophobia? | The Daily Show

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Is Trump Retweeting Britain First To 'Stoke Up' Islamophobia? | The Daily Show 4.5

Donald Trump is back on twitter, and this time he has retweeted an anti-Islam, ultranationalist group called 'Britain First'.

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This is NEVER acceptable of ANY PRESIDENT! Why does America still allow him the title of PRESIDENT?

Author — Black Panther


Even if the bully is muslim his attack seems personal and not religiously motivated

Author — Refat Mollah


The guy breaking the statue is from a Syrian group supported by the USA. Get round that, Trump!

Author — Marguerite Johnson


The third video is not even a Muslim! But he’s a catholic Dutch boy kicking the kid with crutches. I’m from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Author — EvilTurkey


I'm a Brit. To see the POTUS, leader of our main ally and the most powerful man in the world, spread the poison that is Britain First is horrifying.

Author — Sophie Jameson


Donald Trump hates the media due to the 'fake news' about him. Yet, he is retweeting videos that has a fake subject in it... seems legit, lol.

Author — Dante Crailman


For someone so proud of conjuring $1Trillion worth of business with Saudi Arabia, I'm surprised he shows so much hatred for muslims

Author — kofi amprofi


Britain first may as well join Isis. They are both extremist groups.

Author — Sam


Donald Trump: Claims to wage a war against fake news. Then retweets fake news. Is there no end to his racist hypocrisy? Nice one, America 😳

Author — Appellation Sobriquet


That was legit one of the most funniest things I have seen in a while. Hassan, you fn rock.

Author — cacozealous


I thought he was America first not Britain First?

Author — Ichsuka


Muslim convert crossing from Syria to Greece by boat. Are you crazy ? The distance between the Syrian coast (which is the mostly alawitte anyway) to the closes Greek island Rhodes is 1500 KM !!

Author — Mustafa Al Taleb


people don't have anything else to do in White House

Author — ali kissan


Fake tan and ultra right wing nazis go together in the UK. The leader of the EDL (English "defence" league") owns a chain of tanning shops. I wonder what the settings are on his tanning booths? 1 Too pale, 2 Protestant orange, 3 Way too dark there boy.

Author — Donald Sayers


How could he embracing the hates group from Britain that has been banned allegedly by UK government and UK people for their negative movement's in the first place? He is the President of USA for God sake.
I strongly believed that, if this was Obama, the day he retweets that tweet, will be the last day of his Presidential moment in the White House. Trump should be called out and explain to us with what he has done, and apologies to us all. Somebody must kicked him off from that highly respected positions.

Author — amor powers


I thought Britain First had died off after the EDL/ BNP bollox.

Author — BadgerUKvideo


1:35 nobody ever said she was proud of being white? She’s a proud Christian, so your joke wasn’t really that funny

Author — JM7


Britain First have blood on their hands

Author — Silver


"I'm in the final stages of my life and about to leave a lasting legacy of gigantic tremendousness to the fine, super rich American citizens. Rocket fuel and nukes = JOBS!"
- Donald J Trump

Author — JCTiggs


I love you guys so much, can't stop laughing!!!

Author — Josua Stangl