Is Trump Retweeting Britain First To 'Stoke Up' Islamophobia? | The Daily Show

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Is Trump Retweeting Britain First To 'Stoke Up' Islamophobia? | The Daily Show 4.5
Donald Trump is back on twitter, and this time he has retweeted an anti-Islam, ultranationalist group called 'Britain First'.

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That was legit one of the most funniest things I have seen in a while. Hassan, you fn rock.

Author — cacozealous


The guy breaking the statue is from a Syrian group supported by the USA. Get round that, Trump!

Author — Marguerite Johnson


The third video is not even a Muslim! But he’s a catholic Dutch boy kicking the kid with crutches. I’m from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Author — Styleguide for Men


For someone so proud of conjuring $1Trillion worth of business with Saudi Arabia, I'm surprised he shows so much hatred for muslims

Author — kofi amprofi


Donald Trump hates the media due to the 'fake news' about him. Yet, he is retweeting videos that has a fake subject in it... seems legit, lol.

Author — Dante Crailman


I love how he says ''Radical Islamic Terrorism'' with a passion but can't even spell White Supremacy or condemn his fellow Nazis.
Impeach this clown.

Author — Brother Malcolm


I never did understand White supremacists who get tanned! That's like the ones who listen to Reggae!

Author — LeArtiste D


This is NEVER acceptable of ANY PRESIDENT! Why does America still allow him the title of PRESIDENT?

Author — Black Panther


Even if the bully is muslim his attack seems personal and not religiously motivated

Author — Refat Mollah


I'm a Brit. To see the POTUS, leader of our main ally and the most powerful man in the world, spread the poison that is Britain First is horrifying.

Author — Sophie Jameson


I thought he was America first not Britain First?

Author — Ichsuka


people don't have anything else to do in White House

Author — ali kissan


Britain first may as well join Isis. They are both extremist groups.

Author — Sam


The hateful woman looks like a man in a wig

Author — cj smith


That was far past wrong. People here in Britain are furious.

Author — Alessandro R.


Donald Trump: Claims to wage a war against fake news. Then retweets fake news. Is there no end to his racist hypocrisy? Nice one, America 😳

Author — Appellation Sobriquet


Lol. If she's so proud of being white. Then Why is she using all this fake tan? " Good one Noah.. Racist people always support their kinds

Author — Jeff Léger


I love you guys so much, can't stop laughing!!!

Author — Josua Stangl


"I'm in the final stages of my life and about to leave a lasting legacy of gigantic tremendousness to the fine, super rich American citizens. Rocket fuel and nukes = JOBS!"
- Donald J Trump

Author — JCTiggs


Wow she's like the female red head version of Trump.😠....Isn't this the fake news trump complains about .😕😡

Author — siyamthanda mafika