'BOLTS AND HOSE' with Tom Smith

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This morning, when my team and I were trying to film Coffee Walk Ep. 121, Tom Smith from Fired Up Garage made a surprise visit to the shop. Well, when he got to the shop, we decided to pivot the direction of this weeks' episode a bit by filming and letting you guys into what turned out to be one of my most interesting buys in a long time.

With that being said, Coffee Walk today may not inform you of much, but I promise you'll be entertained and it'll bring you a laugh or two!

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Your a class act Collins. The respect you show others is top shelf. God bless

Author — MasterPIPElayer


Yeah he's a good dude...an ur an even better dude for giving him the respect..thank u Dennis..

Author — John Roberts


Tom rules. Give him his own show. With no script. What he says is priceless.

Author — Paul Kirby


The fact that you are down to earth, approachable and humble makes you good in my books. Fame and success hasn't gone to your head.

Author — Kathy London-Anthony


Dennis, thanks for calling an audible, taking time out of your busy schedule, paying the man the time and respect he deserves and showing what a down to earth, humble man you are. Like others have said, there was not a moment of your time wasted because we’re all watching it and makes us root for you (and Tom) even more. Black Mountain is getting some business from me (I’ve got a JL) and although I have other options in the marketplace for my current project, your professionalism tells me my money is well spent with you.

Author — Kobyashee 18


Tom is everyone’s drunk Uncle. Everyone goes “ Oh Hell!” when he shows up for Thanksgiving.

Author — Chris Howard


You can tell Tom is just a good hearted guy!

Author — Newton Motorsports


Tom is a true car guy. Knows just about everything on every car. Great to see him.

Author — Mike just mike


I always fought Tom Smith was the best part of Fired Up always gives you a laugh but knows his stuff as well

Author — Greg B


Dennis, when are you going to introduce the fans to all your employees and the other Collins brother?

Author — Danny Powers


We miss Tom crazy language. He needs a show. The show name should be "WHAT GEARS TOM BRAIN"



Tom Smith is what i call an old-school mechanic. Give him anything that runs on combustion, i bet he can fix it.

Author — Adam Wiggins


I like the fact that you took time with him, because no doubt, there will be some future business. I'll take the big margin small stuff any day.
Great core too, if it's in good shape. Job well done. DC Rocks!!!



Dennis, the fact that you have Thomas Weeks and then Tom Smith shows how clever you are, I can’t speak for everyone but these legends are the ones we can identify with, Tom made my day, supercars don’t do it for me, people do . Tom is pure GOLD 👍👍

Author — K CAHILL


Tom is a good dude, thanks for the excellent content...

Author — Joe Solo


We love Tom. Get him on yer walk again Dennis as he cheers us up.

Author — Steven Jenkinson


Dennis he did not waste your time. Because he didn't waste mine watching.

Author — realangrythrottle


Poor Tom. A pure heart but gets treated like the pain in the ass step child

Author — 2435rats


You just never know what to expect from ya Dennis! Thanks for letting Tom sidetrack ya!

Author — Carey Kuhn


Thanks for having Tom on the Video. Fun to see him. Maybe make him a semi regular. Would be fun to see him more often!!

Author — Tom Hegland