2021 Ford Fiesta review – the best hatchback on sale? | What Car?

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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Is the ST line reliable? I've heard its great fun and a really nice car but getting 140hp from a 1.0L engine makes me a little sceptical with the long term reliability.

Author — Max Morris


I have a fiesta vignale 2018 and it is simply brilliant. Lovely to drive and extremely economical. The ecoboost engine is terrific. All in all a wonderful little car.

Author — Mike Williams


I love my 2020 Ford Fiesta. Of course I think it’s the best looking car. Drives like a dream, which is why I picked it over competitors.

The new Peugeot 208 is the best looking of them all though.

Author — Tor


Great reviews - the detail and references to other cars in the class is really useful

Author — Nathaniel Maisey


The fiesta specced in this video is just shy of £21k 😱 compared that to 2008 when the new one at the time then cost £11k for a decent one. No wonder car new sales have plummeted since 2017, it just means the depreciation will be a lot steeper. I know financing is the way to go for new cars but I far prefer being the owner of one, I just buy low mileage at 4-ish years old.

Author — Reece Collison


We had a mk1 Fiesta 1.1 when I was learning to drive circa 1981, and it was 'my' car after passing my test (ok, it was my mum's). It was great! It's about time I drove another one - have they changed much? :)

Author — John Matthews


Switched from a 12 plate Corsa recently. Had a test drive in an 18 plate ST line, I wanted to like it more than I did but it felt cheap and I was disappointed. Settled on an 18 Mazda 2 GT Sport Nav+ at the same age and price. Thought the Mazda was much better made by a longshot. It has much more comfortable suspension and better chassis balance, not to mention the 1.5NA petrol, super smooth and punchy 115 HP engine making tons of power in a 970 - 1030 KG car (130HP maps available). Mazda also has a short throw stick and lovely 6SPD box which is awesome, heated leather seats, cruise control, start-stop and HUD display with collision warning (and automatic braking), automatic wipers and automatic LED projector lights. Lots of metal and leather on the inside and super comfy, all toys that the £12000 fiesta didn't offer at the same price point. The only real downside are the drums on the rear, but I never liked my brakes too stabby for casual driving anyway! Japanese can really make small cars. I highly recommend it.

Author — imcalledsprite


My favourite, have had Fiestas since '92😎

Author — Ed Loomis


You forgot to mention the 7-speed automatic version. 😉 Great video! 👍🏻

Author — Matthias - MJ Video Productions


Nice to see this review has the same colour (Desert Island Blue) that I chose - I haven't seen another one since I bought it! I have the ST-Line X 140 - a much nicer drive than the Mk 7 ST2 I had before, with a hugely improved I do miss the extra 40 bhp :-( . Fuel economy is much better though :-D (edited to correct mark number!)

Author — Graham Blyth


A small hatchback must have 2 doors, imo. Looks so good. Cool.

Author — John Grytbakk


I love my 69 plate 1ltr eco boost my only gripe is the lack of spare wheel and maybe a quieter cabin ( to much road noise) otherwise very happy.

Author — Ian Stewart Aviation


I used a 2018 one for a week and felt the three-cylinder engine was a bit rough.😳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🤠

Author — Paul George Baines


The steering on the new fiesta seems very light + much less feeling than the last model. Anyone else experience this? Didn't try the ST line though.

Author — Q q


Nearly 21k for a ST line? No chance, I paid 16k for my MK7 ST-3 pre registered with 8 miles on the clock.

Author — Alex B


I like the front design of the car but the back puts me off, reminds me of an suv which looks out of place on a hatchback. Just my opinion. That's said I'm sure it's a cracking little car otherwise.

Author — Tom G


Why is it that What Car literally never mention the Clio, 208, or Corsa as competition when referring to superminis? The Kia Rio? Like seriously?

Author — Varph


good review but you recommend going for the 125hp over the 100hp engine yet say go for the 95hp engine in the polo which has worse performance figures than the 100hp fiesta and only a 5 speed gearbox?

Author — Evan Skitt


I'd still pick TDCI engine as it is a smaller version of something like a BMW 320D.

Author — Shanjan Usman


When you talk about the trunk and how the seats fold please show it simultaneously.

Author — captaingreek