Never promised we will bring back black money in 100 days: Govt

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Never promised we will bring back black money in 100 days: Govt 4.5

On Prime Time, experts discuss the feasibility of bringing back large amounts of black money stashed away in foreign banks and also whether the countries where the accounts are held will be ready to part with huge funds saved by Indian citizens in their banks. Parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu stated that his party had only promised to set up a task force that would deal with the problem of black money and didn't say that they would bring back all black money in 100 days. (Audio in Hindi)

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Who came here just for sambit Patra😂😂😂

Author — Kunal Varma


Jab hum vipaksh me the....

"toh kuch na kuch bol dete the" 🤣

Author — Anigokks


यही एक एंकर है जो हलाल की, मेहनत की और ईमानदारी की कमाई खता है, बाकी तो अपना असल काम छोड़कर सरकार के प्रोपेगंडा की कमाई खाते हैं, अपने प्रोफेशन की नहीं।

Author — R M


This debate done in Nov.2014 and now in March 2019 we all know that what progress done.

Author — Ishwarsinh Rana


अब तक कुछ नहीं हुआ इस पर

कहाँ गयी S I T

कहाँ गया कोई Action

रवीश जी उठाकर लाईये इस पात्रा को दोबारा आपके show प्राइम टाइम में

Author — salman siddiqi


रविश कुमार सर मै सलुट करता हु आपको । । ये समबित पात्रा फेकु ह साला ये bjp party का राखी सावांत है बी जे पी भागाओ देश बचाओ

Author — Jasiruddin Khan


modi did not take any step for the bring back of black money from foreign countries which are in dollar and other. modi only fooling the people by demonetisation. good debate ravish kumar

Author — Sarthak Kumar


Mr. Ravish Kumar ! I believe you are a very fine journalist.  The way you connect with the common man is admirable. Keep up the good work.

Author — G S Aurora


फर्जी देशभक्त बेनकाब हो गये .. काले धन वालो को बचा रहे ....नाम भी उजागर नहीं कर पा रहे ....फर्जी देशभक्त

Author — Mangesh Patil


Ravish sir i m your big fan
Now modi govt. Completed 4.6 year but black money doesn't come

Author — indian culture


Watching after 6 years during covid-19 quarantine. Sambit ji you are such a liar.

Author — Rajesh


Pure desh ko gadha bna diya 2014 me.
Lekin 2019 me to logo ko gadha bnane ki jarurat nhi thi 5 saal ki training me certified Gadhe ban chuke the

Author — Nikhil kumar


Hugely talented
Amazingly brilliant
Truly honest
India is proud of your competence!
LONG LIVE RAVISH SIR with good health and happiness.👍👍👍👍👍

Author — ayesha Mateen


This debate should be deposited in Archives, as BJP spokesperson on @NDTVIndia are no more sent by party😂

Author — Rishabh Khantal


I find ravish so clam and patient. Sticks to the debate and allows the points to surface. Is that the reason why blind supporters are never seen vomiting their usual way in comments below for his videos.

Author — Truth Survives


We are in ending of 2018, 2019 is coming where is blackmoney

Author — nikhil bajaj


This should be shown to the bhakta that he's asking questions to both side 😂

Author — im no one


22 December 2019. Abhi tk wapas ni aya kala dhan parantu nrc cab se desh ke dange karware. Jhoote bjp k log

Author — Muhammed Saif


Hindustan ko Ravish Kumar jayse 100 Journalist chahiye, aajkal sab channel bike hue hain NDTV sirf ek sach ka channel hai is liye usko ek din ka ban lag raha tha. aam logon ko sach ko jhoot aur jhoot ko sach bata rahe hai wo bhi chilla chilla kar. Mein apne bharat wasion se nevedan karta hoon ke sach ka saath dein.

Author — Sunil G Tandon


You r one of the good journalist but all other TV channels Modi Chamcha/Dalala hogaya because of money

Author — Venky v