Lowercase Noises - Migratory Patterns (Full Album)

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Lowercase Noises - Migratory Patterns (Full Album) 5


1. Song For No One 0:00
2. Persistence 5:01
3. Depths 13:32
4. Migratory Patterns 18:25
5. Farewell 26:19

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And the photo shows Rangitoto Island, in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland New Zealand. Beautiful, like this music.

Author — Gary Brown


Pretty sure "Lowercase Noises" is the band and this is not the experimental lower case music people were looking for. Get rekt.

Author — Jay Zoo


i just keep coming back to this album.  this and hammock has some of the most powerful music ive ever heard.  i think ill be buy the vinyl for this :P  kinda wish it was on cd as well.  i had this running in the background wile watch some of those video where a person give some money to a homeless man.  its alot harder to watch with this music running.

Author — davidevgen


So wonderful..but sad because this makes me think of my dad who suffered and died with cancer..he was my best friend..along with our two black labs Nina and Majic...I hope they are all together..waiting for me..

Author — Don Saxon


Got through a lot of long study nights with this album.

Author — bachmaninoff


this song is like riding space with the cosmic owl

Author — Ion


I dont know why is it classified as 'disattached from social dogma'- i think it's not this weird, definitely less weird and odd than tibetian singing or wall noise. I think it even reminds me of some film soundtracks.

Author — viaxon6


For anyone interested - the Vinyl release of this is absolutely incredible. Definitely grab it!

Author — Ryan Littlefield


Thank you very much Eric, for this jewel. Wonderful!!!.

Author — Emilio Moreno Marugal


This is really nice and calming. Thank you for sharing.

Author — keltzar1


How could you have forgetting Andys little description? "This album is about a whale."

Author — Post Rock Mixes


Im sorry to be that guy, but isn't Lowercase supposed to weird sounds in between silence? This is like straight ambient dawg

Author — Dillon Aubin


Andy you are incredible ! have you think to the hog pedal to work on your swells ?
Album magic. thank you. great.

Author — Anthony Creach


difference between lowercase and drone? Is lowercase more melodic?

Author — Camille Sands


this isn't weird i dunno why this is level infinite

Author — Turkeyrolls


This is not lowercase. This is new age. Thank you for posting it though.

Author — Robb Etling


what effects/pedals are being used on the first song? 

Author — David Anderson