Yaroslava plays in the Indoor Kids Center - Climbing, Spinning and Creative Building Video for kids

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Active play is incredibly beneficial for kids! Yaroslava can let out all that great kid energy! She can move through the maze in an attractive way, spins like a top. In the new video for children Yaroslava designs and builds her own giant structures in the big block arena. Little girl show us a new video vlog with funny adventure in the indoor play center. There are so many mazes is packed with lots of different obstacles waiting to be conquered. Watch this best video for kids on our channel BuBuDu Kids!

Our team:
Producer: Kushnir Vitaly
Artist: Kushnir Yaroslava
Music: Yuliia Mozharova, Lavrenko Serhii
Singer: Duplyakina Vitalyna
Cameraman: Kushnir Vitaly
Copyright: SeeZis Media

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