URBAN Treasure Hunting in ATLANTA!! (Homeless Bridge) | Jiggin' With Jordan

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We treasure hunt in an urban creek and find one of the coolest secret spots under a bridge!

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URBAN Treasure Hunting in ATLANTA!! (Homeless Bridge)


About Jiggin With Jordan:
I search for River Treasure in some of the most beautiful places in the world! My friends and I dive down and look for lost valuables and try to get the items back to the owner! We clean up all the trash we find along the way! Join me on all my adventures here on YouTube!!

URBAN Treasure Hunting in ATLANTA!! (Homeless Bridge) | Jiggin' With Jordan

Jiggin With Jordan

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Author — Sean Person


Oh my, dude i just watched the video when you opened the fishing box your dad gave you and i’ve never felt anything liked it. I never get emotional while watching videos, but you made me feel something special, i can’t even explain it. You are sucha genuine and nice person and i just feel like i want to be around people like you more. I just hope i’ll meet you someday cus you seem like the nicest guy on earth. Thanks for sharing the story about your dad, it really touched me. Best regards from Sweden

Author — Mr.Spider


Brandon, please be very careful of jumping around with your river boots on in areas like that because you just don't know if you are going to land on a used heroine needle sticking up in the soil/sand. It scares me to death you are gonna end up in hospital :'(. That said it was a beautiful little area and that puppy was so cute, we have an older version the same color. xx

Author — Sue Girling


Love your vlogs, Bee!! Keep up the GREAT work! Lots of love from Brazil ❤

Author — Victória Ferreira


Loving the scenery. Some pretty interesting stuff you found in the woods. The waterfall looks nice.

Author — PinkyBear


Urban treasure hunting very cool. Man I love that painting on the wall. The hummingbird and cone flower so beautiful. Berkley the dog was so cute. The graffiti paintings so happy to see them. Love how you always add something at the end of your videos, even if it was a bug in your eye.

Author — Susan Smith


Hey Brandon, I love when you do urban canal treasure hunting and I also love when you go fishing and diving with Jake so keep doing what you love to do ❤️❤️💙💙

Author — Tomace2323


Art work was nice. I’m sure homeless man appreciates the respect also. Thanks for being a great guy. I watch a lot of urban creek treasure hunts. Ready to start my own.

Author — Nascarmomma M


I love you videos because your so generous and well worth watch your videos it’s really good content you should be proud 🔥

Author — Andrew Hyder


That place was absolutely amazing and what a gorgeous place. It's like a semi-natural aquatic adventure park.
That looks like it would be amazing to spend some time there

Author — G Macka


I am so glad I found your channel. I love the videos their awesome

Author — Khristian Duarte


First off, love the video. But...If you’re going to continue the urban treasure series, please make sure to carry some sort of weapon to protect yourself with. And wear some thick rubber shoes. Could be a lot of needles and/or other things you do NOT want to step on. Keep up the good work!

Author — David C.


Thanks for the videos, you are and inspiration and made me appreciate fishing so much more i try to go everyday.... Thank You

Author — Nicholas Figlioli


You have a very unique adventure bro! I enjoy watching your vlogs and so im a huge fan of yours now, for real. Im from the Philippines!

Author — Jr Adriano


I am so not in your demographics but I love you guys (Brandon, Tristan and Jake). You all have great futures ahead of you. Your individual videos are well done but when you make a video together, what an awesome team! I pray that God will open a door for a television show for you guys. I love that your videos are clean (no fowl language), you care about the environment and you connect with and respect the people you encounter. Brandon, I especially love your commentary and excitement when you catch fish! You are great behind the camera! Be safe!

Author — Brea Jones


hey brandon.. i watch all of your videos! you are amazing at diving! you are really close to where i live. i live in south carolina. you should come and search some of our lakes. i bet u could find a lot of good treasure!! i go to lake murray and it’s a very big lake with of treasure i know of that people have lost like at least 2 phones each! it would mean to world to me if u could shout me out!! 😋😌

Author — Sawyer Buzhardt


Dude, I love you, but less talking and more treasure hunting would make your videos a greater <3

Author — Reviere


Definitely want to check out Ithaca, NY. Supper insane place for exploring creeks like that, seriously the creeks out there, the insane waterfalls, gorges, artwork, and the abandon infrastructure blows my mind! Plus the city is surrounded by crystal clear lakes that I imagine would be great for treasure diving!

Author — Cray Outdoors


That looked really pretty though! Hey if your ever in Michigan I know a pond full of “treasure” like it has snowmobile, ATVs and a boat in it haha

Author — Lizz W


love ya brandon j hope u had a great time in texas and hope u go back i hope u and yappy have a great day love always ronny from florida