INJUSTICE 2 - ALL Starfire Dick Grayson/Nightwing References

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all of dick grayson (Nightwing/Robin) references by Starfire intro dialogues. X-ray on sub-zero coming tomorrow noob smoke this coming week too.
Red hood, Black canary, Superman, supergirl, Robin, Doctor Fate against starfire references dick grayson AKA nightwing in her intro dialogues INJUSTICE 2

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I love how Jason's the only one trying to be softer with Starfire. Because he understands her loss.

Author — @PassionYetPeace


I love the interactions between Starfire and Red Hood, Jason shows Starfire sympathy because both of them lost a person they cared for. For Starfire she lost a lover and Jason lost a brother.

Author — @zeratul____1228


At least when it comes to Red Hood, he seems to show some sympathy to Starfire.

Author — @MegamanNG


It seems like Red Hood actually cares and feels bad for Starfire it's kind of nice! Haha

Author — @skrillex4x987


Isn't it a little weird how Red hood is one of the most sympathetic person in the game just saying

Author — @blackbirdrose6871


I feel really bad for Starfire, she lost the only person who she truly loved...Nightwing (Dick Grayson)...

Author — @crazycomicguy5063


When she talks about him she really does seem sad . Poor star .. She's too sweet for earth

Author — @PopeFireTheStarfireGod


For Jason, Starfire is his brother’s partner and he truly understands her loss since he loved Grayson himself. Jason is a really good person

Author — @yerintaem


The “Batman was right disowning you” part was brutal

Author — @NaTive219


Did Batman teach *all* of his kids to spin in the air?

Author — @Sophie-kh5et


I like how Red Hood seems somewhat sympathetic. It takes away from his all-out-murder style.

Author — @micaht.6529


Even if we didn't see any of their relationship in this game, the way Kari Wahlgren delivers those lines still get's me :'( what a great performance.

Author — @thedarksaviour755


"It was an accident!"

So were you Damien.

Author — @spartan113ish


I love how red hood speaks in a soft manner to her but to everyone else especially Damien he's just ruthless

Author — @asaknight321


What i think red hood shouldve said:
Starfire: I still miss him everyday
Red Hood: ...You're not the only one

Author — @quypholosophy


"Show me what impressed him so much"

"We could, but then the game rating would be too high"


Author — @FannyPackMan100


God i want Nightwing (The REAL nightwing) in this game so much..even as a deadman is fine by me.

Author — @stanleykent4645


I can understand what Starfire is going through. Losing someone you love is not something you can deal with so easily.

Author — @callmegreg.7547


At least Jason still shows he cares. Him and Kori both miss Dick Grayson

Author — @shadowthief9577


I'm surprised there are no interactions between Starfire and Batman referencing Dick Grayson.

Author — @Finchyay