The Truth About Arbonne (This Supplement Company is an MLM SCAM!)

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Hi everyone, welcome to Abbey's Kitchen! In today’s video we will be looking at another controversial MLM, Arbonne.

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3) TW: to those with ED tendencies, feel free to skip this video if it’s not supportive to your recovery.

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💬 Comments

Love seeing you talk about MLMs and how terrible they are.

Author — Lehandra Lynch


I would love to see you turn MLM reviews into a series! There are soo many garbage products and information out there!

Author — Michaela King


One of my good friends was selling this stuff and wanted me to spend $300 on a month long detox which was basically a bunch of fizzy drink additives or something and she was trying to use my husband’s recent diabetic diagnosis to say it could help us get on track with our health. It actually soured our relationship and that’s one of the biggest issues I have with MLMs. They turn people into vultures they prey on their own friends

Author — prettyinpink9893


I really wish I had the guts to send this video to the girl who keeps recruiting me to buy and sell these products!!

Author — kiwistrawberry4eva


I’m a pharmacist in Nova Scotia and collaborate daily with a registered dietitian colleague. I couldn’t imagine not having her as an essential part of my team. Love your content and multidisciplinary approach to wellness!!

Author — Dan Mallia


I love it when actual experts address the claims mlms push.

Author — Pajali


Also, I know Abbey always looks beautiful, but can we all just take a moment to appreciate how this entire cool-toned aesthetic is not only incredibly pretty and peaceful on the eyes, but how much it compliments her blond hair and makes the colour in her eyes really pop? I could sit and watch her recite lorem ipsum for hours with these visuals. Seriously Abs, it looks like Elsa from Frozen decided to get an education and share it with the rest of the world over a cup of coffee. Absolutely stunning!

Author — Blue Hydrangea


I had a friend invite me to a make up party at her place. I became a bit suss when I was the only person there, other than her cousin who had recruited my friend. The cousin did most of the talking, especially when I said I wasn’t interested in becoming a consultant. She really pushed, and I resisted. I ended up buying a large package of skincare because I felt bad. Then I got home and thought about it, and realised that I shouldn’t feel bad. I was the one that was lied to about what the event was, and not only did I not need all of the products I had ordered, but I had better things to spend $400 on! So I cancelled the order. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Author — naumche1


MLM's are not the move! I am so sick of people trying to recruit me too.

Author — Vejae Mclean


Cannot click fast enough. Take down every single evil MLM.

Author — Sarah Stevenson


I stopped everything to watch this 🤣 more anti MLM content please!!!

Author — Abbie Jones


Partly why I deleted my social media was to avoid my ancient high school friends who are now 30-something year old Moms and beg for a coffee date so they can talk about Arbonne.

Author — JLH


My Personal Trainer tried selling me arbonne. I felt so awkward, I had trusted her to encourage me to eat healthy and get fit, instead she was selling this rubbish. She would use the products herself as well to help promote her selling, I can definitely say she had a glow about her... although it was more of a 'shine'.

Author — Mythicaa


honestly I understand the appeal to having full control. That's honestly how I fell into my ED. I didnt have control over a majority of my life and I thought that my diet / body was the only thing I had control over. That was not a fun rabbit hole to fall into and I hate that MLMs like arbonne are using their marketing tactics to attract potentially vulnerable consumers

Author — Sam Elle


My sister got sucked into this MLM at the beginning of covid to “support your immune system”... and then pitched it to me... I kindly declined.

Author — Vickie Hage


yes girl love it when you shred these money grabbing mlm companies apart. Hope you'll do more in the future of these especially Herbalife

Author — Cheng Zemin


Omg I used to consume these products all the time when losing weight for health reasons. I wish I had seen videos like yours earlier to guide me towards a method fo weight loss that was more sustainable and reasonable. Arbonne really is trash at what they sell.

Author — Jay Antonio


Love seeing MLM's getting the take down they deserve. I wonder if you could team up with another youtuber (The Financial Diet would be awesome) to have them go into the financially predatory aspects of Arbonne. Double take down.

Would love to see Plexus next!

Author — Laura Nevill


I love your MLM series! Not going to lie when people reach out to me from these companies I love responding by linking your videos 😂😂

Author — Emily Jost


Thanks so much for this! I got so harassed. And one of them got me as they saw I was a new mom and lockdown had just started. Anyway I joined and she basically told me I should order the one package- which costed over £100 !! I wasn’t feeling comfortable about it but anyway I moved on and awaited my package . Over the next two weeks there were a lot of zoom trainings and motivation calls. I was added to a WhatsApp group which literally gave me anxiety because there were so many messages and everyone hyping each other and the ‘leaders’ pushing us to sell sell sell! I spent every night randomly DM’ing people. It felt so weird. And anyway I didn’t get any clients. My package arrived after 3 weeks. I opened it. And just thought no. Why did I waste my money on all these products I don’t even use! I was having sleepless nights because I felt like I was t keeping up with everyone on the group (and bear in mind I was already not sleeping much at all because I had a new born)
I decided to not use the products. I sent them all back and emailed arbonne customer service asking for a refund snd that I wanted out! I just felt in my gut this wasn’t for me... so anyway I privately messaged my “mentor” ( the girl that recruited me - who is at the top of the pyramid may I add) . And I told her I had changed my mind and that it wasn’t for me... I was really polite. And she was basically trying to persuade me not to leave and that I’m making a wrong choice. And that I’m probably going to lose my job because of covid.. so I’m going to battle... and to top it all off she said “the only failure is me leaving”
That’s when I just said enough. Leave me the hell alone and goodbye ! They are honestly crazy ... and they just try hype you up and motivate you because the more you sell and the more recruiters you bring in. The more money they make and they reach a higher level!

Author — Daniella Velissariou