The current state of Tilesets and Tilemaps in Godot 3.2

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A small dive into what the main issues are with the current tile workflow in Godot.
This is the first commentary video I make so I hope you like it! I'm working hard on my English and also trying to improve my editing skills so any feedback is welcome.

Intro - 0:00
The current UX of Tilesets - 2:15
Feedback - 6:38
Conclusions - 9:24

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You shouldn't say the "s" in Gilles but otherwise you pronunciation is perfect ^^.

I agree with most observations here, getting a simple TileSet working is definitely too much work and confusing. The main plan is to fusion the TileSet and TileMap editors in the area, then to organize everything in an easier to understand way.

As gdquest already commented here, I'll start in November by making a formal proposal, feedback on it will be welcome then. :)

Author — Gilles Roudiere


You make an excellent point about the UX for TileMaps. I've been using it for years so I'm accustom to how it works, but it must be pretty daunting for those learning it for the first time.

Author — Game Endeavor


Totally agreed. You even skipped some of the weird steps, like your tilemap and your tileset's cell sizes can be different, each tile can have a different size... it's there since Godot 1 and while I can understand the idea, it really gets in the way. Being able to just drag a texture in the tilemap node and start selecting and drawing from it would be great. One grid, tile separation, and no arbitrary cell sizes. It would mean removing some features that several persons use, but they're often convoluted ways of doing things that just work without them, e.g. with an editor like Tiled.

Gilles is going to write a proposal, we can give him feedback when he releases it.

Author — GDQuest


What I like about his videos, is that he is very thorough and he goes above and beyond to make everything very clear.
I'm not surprised then that even his rant videos are that involved :p
Thank you for your work !

Author — Bananeisafree


I would definitely love more of these UX demonstrations in the future. I found this video very comforting whilst watching your illustration of how complicated creating Tilesets are in Godot.

Author — Bobby Tagget


I think you captured the new user experience with the TileMap editor very accurately.

Author — BigAlNaAlba


I wish there was an implementation when it comes to Ysorting and Tilesets. Maybe a marker to set when it should be sorted the tile in particular, etc...

Author — Jeff Venancius


I agree that the tile set system needs work. However the way I use it, and maybe the way it was intended to work, is that each tile is its own separate image. When you add each tile separately, you have a lot of flexibility to add and remove individual tiles, without having to maintain some huge png yourself. It's then up to Godot to do any atlasing and optimization under the hood. all of the tools like add single tile have pretty good default behaviors if what you're dealing with is actually a single tile.

Author — Wavesonics


Good points. I've never used any other engine for 2d, so i don't know how this is handled elsewhere. But now that you demonstrated it like that, i can totally see that it needs some work.

Author — Nord Warrior


Yeah, I understand avoiding Tilesets. My experience was worse, with an earlier version. I was starting because I was willing to do the tedious work of creating individual tiles, but I couldn't get the pixels to line up with the tiles no matter how I messed with the step/offset. I gave up in frustration, and I'm sorta planning a 3D game now in the latest Godot anyway.

Author — Daniel McLaughlin


I subscribed simply because this is a great contribution to the community by highlighting issues and concerns for such a great engine!

Author — noTmiZ


Eventually I got used to it, but yes it is painful to understand how it works in the beginning.
And considering Godot's policy of being easy and fast to use TIlemaps really need an improvement.

Author — Dener Witt


When i was in my tech/engine/framework hopper stage, I got to try godot and couldnt get to make sense of the tilemap/tileset editor, always thought there was something wrong with me, but then i saw Juan"s poll on twitter and was relieved i wasnt the only one with that problem

Author — Keka


Very fair criticism of an otherwise super cool engine. I hope your arguments reach the devs so we can have e.g. tilemap config presets in future versions of Godot - so we don't have to do all that extra tweaking. Nice video!

Author — Adagas-Caou Christian


Yes, I think we can all agree that it needs help and I think we'll see something in 4.0. There's also a Tiled importer in the asset library. I've used it before but never enough to get down a good workflow with it. A video on the importer and how to work with it well would be great!

Author — Jason Lothamer


Your explanation of the "current state" did a better job explaining the tileset interface than any of the tutorials I've seen for it! thanks so much!

Author — Scott Southworth


Even after watching multiple tutorials and using the tile editor I find it klunky and confusing, especially once you make some tiles and then want to change or remove them. Can you even remove them without deleting the whole map? I don't know. Settings seem to save, or not at random, it's difficult to tell what you have selected vs. what is already defined... I could go on but I'll just look for a 3rd party tool :P

Author — MR K


Weirdly this is the best tutorial on tilemaps for a beginner because it's intuitive. Maybe a cool format for doing tutorials

Author — Cyto Script


I love mixing textures in a tileset! It really makes organizing projects easier! Multiple tilesets can share the same resources! Now, if only we could copy collision bodies, and tiles in the tileset editor! Also, I think the user experience might be better if the tileset editor was contained in the centre window. I think they should make a simplified tileset creation process but also still allow the flexibility the current system has! :D If you're up for scripting you can even make auto tiles bound to other tiles! It's awesome! :D

Author — Da Coda


I made all the same errors while trying to figure out how this work. That was quite daunting... especially since Tiled made this so easy to work with...

Two more irritants:
- Why on earth I can't configure a default tile size for the project? If I choose to work with 16x16 tiles, stop making me changing that everytime I add a tilemap... Could it just automatically change the size to the tileset I set?

- Why on earth is it so hard to do animations? I mean, I don't understand... In 1998, when I coded my first game, one of the first feature I implemented in my editor was the ability to make tile animations (per tiles). I don't want to code shaders, or, add as script that iterate over tree 1000x1000 layers to swap the tiles or creating AnimatedTextures... Makes no sens.

Godot is still a nice engine!

Author — Nekkz