A short history of Donald Trump’s clashes with CNN’s Jim Acosta

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A short history of Donald Trump’s clashes with CNN’s Jim Acosta 3.5
The confrontation between Donald Trump and the CNN journalist Jim Acosta this week was not the first time the two have gone head-to-head. Acosta has been a prominent figure in press briefings since the start of Trump's presidency

The Guardian YouTube network:

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I am getting so sick of this hypocrisy!! They give true journalism a bad name

Author — Grace K


They immediately start 6 minutes in so they don’t show Acosta badgering Trump and it just looks like Trump is being dismissive 🤦🏻‍♂️ ridiculously biased prospective how can these people call themselves journalists 😂

Author — jason blood


CNN might even be more bias than the Guardian... if that's even possible

Author — Billy Lewis


Acosta is an unhinged clown. He got what he deserved.

Author — Mike Rossi


Left wing thugs ANTIFA outside Tucker Carlson's house threatening his wife and children ...can't wait for the Guardian or CNN's reporting of that yes that's right you won't

Author — J130 G810


Having said all that it was obviously a put up job by CNN. They knew
what they were doing and they only want to gain victim-hood status out of this.
I’m waiting for Acosta, Cuomo, Blitzer, Lemon and that one with the scary
cyborg style eyes, to all light candles and chain themselves to the WH gates,
screaming that ‘democracy is dead’, that we all now ‘live in a Trump
dictatorship’ and how we must all ‘Resist’. Even though they know that to be
complete and utter nonsense. Don’t forget that in a dictatorship, CNN would
have disappeared a long time ago, never to be seen again. This is all just
politically motivated agitation and done on behalf of the democrats and
informed people are seeing straight through it. However if they do chose to
protest at the WH gate in chains I’ll be the first on the scene with a box of
rotten tomatoes. All are more than welcome!

Author — Stormy


It is very obvious that CNN and people who work for them are hypocrits.
They should be ashamed.
The president clearly said his time to ask questions was over. They were at the White House. Pay respect, hand the microphone to the lady and sit down.

Author — Angel Luna


good ridence………...Jim Acosta is a disgraceful seems quieter without him there

Author — rickyboy1947


Well deserve !!!! These bad intentions peoples how lies everyday for there personal gain it’s has to end ... 2 years of hatred form CCN tell it all

Author — Michel Simard


Does CNN realise people have turned off CNN because of this clown does anyone in the country no know we're Trump stands on the subject so he should have to debate this clown

Author — Smith Ed


On a serious note. Why do they keep allowing him in to ask questions in?

Author — cantcontrol12


Anyone notice the shock on other journalists' faces? Not at Trump, at Jim Acosta.

A president said no; CNN carried on. They didn't care.

When a nation says no; CNN carries on. No one cares.

When the planet says enough is enough, CNN carries on because it has more windows in its offices than windows on the world. Pack up and close the doors.

Author — Bill Bailey


As a lifelong independent having voted both Democrat and Republican in equal measure, I stopped watching CNN (my source for network news) when Trump was elected and your reporters turned into a pack of rabid dogs after a juicy red steak. I did not vote for Trump nor do I agree with him on many issues, but you can no longer be trusted to present fair and balanced news. Trump is not to blame. You are.

Author — Arlette Dumais


Donald Trump receives an attitude score of 3 babies & 1 baby bottle 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻🍼

Author — geekphreak


Interesting how every clip shows only the push back for President Trump. Not Jims' badgering.

Author — frogmom2000


The president should just ban all CNN, as an employer they are responsible for there employees

Author — Deadguy2


Oxford Dictionary definition of Invasion:
1.1 An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.
1.2 An unwelcome intrusion into another's domain.

Author — 連李


Well, when you will be rude to the president....
These reporters.... I find that the president has very good answers but because his answers don't fit their narrative they keep dogging him. Incredible.

Author — OnGodspath


This Jim guy seems to fallow the President around like a little lost dog. How sad for little Jim 😂

Author — frank black


Is it so hard for Journalism nowadays just to be Journalist without any political agenda?

Author — Fly Crack