Top secret Tires for 250mph Sausage RC Car project

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I think you should focus more on the rim design, so it doesn’t have the deflection when it’s spinning. If you can keep the rim true the tire have a lot more lifespan, whether it be a solid strip of rubber glued on or hard foam.

Author — Todd Supraman


We have a carbon filament winding machine at work, usually used for winding high speed rotors that run at well over 100k rpm. You need a carbon sleeve that presses on over the wheel under interference. The hoop stress will resist that expansion you are seeing, then possibly bond the tyre onto the sleeve.

Author — Wheatabits


Tip: Left handed drill bits are really good for rounded off screws. Instead of just drilling them out, 9 times out of 10 they grip and just thread the screw out.

Author — CroftyOriginal


Two suggestions, as others have mentioned the plastic deforming is a definite issue, for something light weight and tough you could try having the wheel printed in carbon fiber filament which might hold together better and still be light and cost effective. Also have you tried a harder durometer rubber? Awesome videos, thanks man!

Author — James Dodson


The amount of power you have to have to not only strip the inner wheel while still completely blowing the outer diameter off of the rim is absolutely insane 😅 this thing is a rocket! Keep up the great work brother much respect!

Author — David Skala


Hey Kev
love your videos!
your a big reason I am getting back into this, you absolutely have an awesome view of this hobby, it’s all for fun !!!
Best of luck to you on getting to that world record 👍🏻

Author — Big Kenny G.


I was just thinking and came up with a idea. It seems to me that the foam isn't the problem because look how always the inner rim expands. Try cutting 1mm inner side foam and put a fiber or metal ring around it so it doesn't expand.

Author — Dantech unknown


I'm so excited for Kevin. He's put so much work into this. I hope that it at least makes a full potential pass without mechanical failure.

Author — Johnny__Deep


It might be useful to use a torque wrench instead of an impact driver to tighten bolts. Gives much more consistency in the applied torque and can save a lot of rounded bolts. But off course an impact is faster.

Author — Ritsert Mans


Make the room around the tyres bigger to account for the expansion.

Author — kooskroos


Great vid Kev.
Very excited for the next vid, but I still can't help but think that it is strange that speed guys are using plastic rims when crawler guys have been using very strong alloy rims for ages.
Alloy wheels with the new hex nuts would look amazing and be super strong.
Perhaps a belt of carbon fibre to stop the plastic rims from expanding on the unsupported edges?
Regards, Jas.
Rocky Qld

Author — Jason VK4FJGS


These things are REALLY coming together nicely. Best luck on your next run. It's bound to be EPIC!

Author — SKRILLA 4 DBD


Not sure if he mentions it later in the video but on the first dyno run the wheel itself under the foam tire is expanding as well. Maybe a wheel with stronger material and or more cross bracing inside would help keep the tire together longer.

Author — East Bay Crawlers


Wow I’m really impressed by the machining of those parts, well done

Author — Cory Straeter


To prevent front lift you might try putting some server fans in the chassis to suck air away from under the car.

Author — Tienenaar


I think he has kevlar cord wrapped radially around the wheel, which would pretty effectively reduce expansion caused by the centrifugal effect.

If you have a central aluminum hub and then injection molded plastic around like a normal wheel, you could make a tensioning mechanism for the kevlar cord using grub screws.

Author — James Liu


you should probably be using JB Weld for balancing. It'd glue on stronger than either the putty or the hot glue, and it'd be less likely to deform once it's properly set.

Author — Hunter Wall


Once again... Get you some aluminum wheels. Drill some holes around them on the inner rim. Dip them in a rubber epoxy compound. The holes will allow the compound to bleed through to both sides and provide support while preventing ballooning. Let them run off and dry sideways for easy clean up and balancing. All you need is the right rubber epoxy compound...

Author — ST33LDI9ITAL


Seeing that start up test was amazing, can't imagine in person. Craziest rc rig I have seen by far, makes me think of the massive jets or large helicopters it's on another level dood.

Author — kip batteate


Like prev guy said, the expand of the rim seems to be the biggest issiue here. The banana ones expanded badly. Imo the reason they blow, are not the actual foam, but the rim.

Love your videos Kevin ❤

Author — Tp-Parts Rc-Xtreme