AMD FX 6100 Test in 7 Games

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AMD FX-6100 Gaming Review / FX 6100 Apex Legends Benchmark

Test System:
CPU: AMD FX-6100
MB: Asus M5 A99FX Pro Rev 2.0
RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR3-1866
GPU: Gainward GTX 1070, 8GB
SSD: Samsung 970 EVO, 250GB
HDD: Seagate Firecuda, 1TB

Tested Games:
Apex Legends
Risk of Rain 2
Rainbow Six: Siege
Black Ops 4

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Zerificker amo seus videos. Muita qualidade e desejo que continue assim. Abraço dos BR.

Author — rosalvarudo nééé


Looks like I just need a new video card lol, I tried to run Assetto Corsa on my older Windows 7 PC with this CPU and an older card, I Was getting 5 FPS average lmao, I opened up the PC and saw that I had a generic low budget videocard with 512 MB of ram, who knows what the clock was on that old thing. my X4 840 is getting 60 fps with a r9 200 card. Looks like a new video card and power supply are in order for tomorrow for the 6100, thanks for the vid!

Author — SocksOnFeet


Is this processor better than an AMD FX 4300 quad core? I've been thinking about upgrading and this is cheaper than a 4300 (which is what i currently have)

Author — frankiepizzurro


This processor Is gamma medium-high good video

Author — Fernan_fmb1


it houses 6 threads inside 3 cores and the turbo is locked upto 3.6 ghz

Author — Ashik Rahman


"Gargalo" in portuguese with the cpu have more consume and gpu is fresh cpu: 98% gpu:50%

Author — Miielli


I have the same CPU and GTX 1050ti but in PUBG i get 20 - 30 fps always i can't even run the games sometimes and it just not that almost most of the game even in lowest or highest graphics i get almost same fps results so what is my pc's problem can anyone help me please?

Author — Özenç Kılıç


AMD FX 6100
NVIDIA GTX 660 OEM (1.5GB) ?

Author — Nervozni SA


amd fx tm 6100 six core processor 4 gb ram 64 bit valorant fps ?

Author — KaH`Fleax


so i just need a good GPU and im still good?!

Author — Toothski


Can i use it with the gtx 1650 not overclocked

Author — q'natsu


fx 6100 + nvidia geforce 210 1gb, what is your opinion?, plss reply back tnx....

Author — Roberto Lucero Jr.


Pls can anyone tell me that is gtx 750ti is compatible with this processor

Author — Talha Tariq


What to Do I Have Blue Death Screen Highlighted After Downloading Apex

Author — DaFy


i have amd fx 6100 six core gtx 1060 6 gb 16 gb ram 1 tb + 250 ssd and my fortnite lagging why ??? :/

Author — Bubu


AMD X6 Fx 6100
8gb ram
Gpu: Rx 580 8gb
It is good?

Author — Not Alex


Will there be a bottleneck if I used the rx 580 with that

Author — Kwuaks