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Check out the official Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) trailer starring Angelina Jolie! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight, Daniel Craig
Directed By: Simon West
Synopsis: Video game adventurer Lara Croft comes to life in a movie where she races against time and villains to recover powerful ancient artifacts.

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💬 Comments

This Lara is more confident and savage than the new one

Author — ついどろろ


Man, this trailer is so late 90's/early 00's it hurts,

Author — DragonSpikeXIII


These two tr films are a great send off to the original 6 games before the legend reboot and the new one is a great addition for the survival timeline

Author — Nomad


I recently watched the reboot and had to watch this to remind myself what a good Lara Croft is. Love this movie!

Author — KolonaRulez


They literally took the most iconic character and iconic actress and reduced her for the new games and movies

Author — Sele Leota


Lara Croft = Angelina Jolie!
Blade = Wesley Snipes!
Neo = Keanu Reves
Trinity = Carrie Ann Moss!
Catwoman = Michelle Piffere!
James Bond = Sean Connory!

Author — Turkish Girl Aydan Artlover


This is exactly what you'd see in FMV on a demo disc!

Author — television and cheese


The trailer didn't look so bad back then lol

Author — Brett Frazier


This is how trailers were made unlike 2020 boring clips

Author — Rajendra Biswas


For anyone wondering, the music is called Bug on the Lens by Dark Globe.

Author — The Isaiahnator


when movies were still fun and not serious

Author — Dustin Dixon


Terminate Lara Croft?

More like Terminate Sarah Connor (1984), Terminate John Connor (1991) or Terminate Dr. Kate Brewster (2003)

Tomb Raider (2001) outsold The Princess Diaries (also 2001)

Author — Brandon Reina


Who came to visit Cambodia because of this movie? Me! Angelina Jolie 'brought' me to traveling to Cambodia because of her amazing acting.

Author — Sylvia Margaretha


This movie is based on the old tomb raider games while the new movie is based on the new one from 2013.

Author — Finn Whelan


Man I wish I was old enough to see Tomb Raider in theaters when it first came out! I was only a 1 year-old in 2001, so there’s NO WAY I could’ve seen and remember it. I got to watch it back in 2013, and I’m still thinking about it 7 years later. Angelina Jolie is so rememberable 😭

Author — Javian Johnson


1:20 I wish to listen to this mix, the original Bugs On The Lens track hasn't this guitar bit.

Author — Edu Moonwalker


Lara croft should always be like Angelina jolie no other can justify her role...

Author — Pranav Gode


1:21 I wonder what is Powell doing in Lara's telescope. Don't remember this in the film.

Author — Daniel Louro


0:30- Zarvox voice from the early version of the Apple iMac computer.

Author — Jim Gahn


anybody know the voice of the robot she was fighting? i heard that voice in many different movies, TV shows, and even internet videos

Author — Duncan Burden