Homeless People Answer: WHAT'S YOUR STORY?

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Homeless People Answer: WHAT'S YOUR STORY? 5
Please hear me out in the outro to know why I decided to make this episode.

The man who is working on his YouTube Channel is Kyle Mack (or Mac, I'm not sure). He's from Minnesota and headed to Los Angeles. I'm still waiting for him to email me a link to his YouTube Channel, I'll link it below as soon as he does:

I’m gonna be honest with you all, I was pretty nervous uploading this episode- I know the homeless community is a vulnerable space and I didn’t want you as my supporters to think I was taking advantage. With this episode, my intention was to give the homeless community a voice and help clear up misconceptions. I hope I was able to do that. I definitely plan to give back to the homeless community in my city more often after this experience and what I've learned.. I hope you'll do the same :] I love you all and thank you for hearing me out. #BeKind

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I love meeting new people in real life but I would love to hear your story as well... so feel free to send me a letter! Here's my address:

P.O. Box 151285
San Diego, CA 92175

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Please hear me out in the outro to know why I decided to make this episode.

Author — Thoraya Maronesy


That poor sensitive man, I hope his daughter sees this

Author — Stacey Bycroft


I want to be rich and help all homeless people that's my dream 😭😭

Author — emila kamoth


the black gentlemen at 6:35 speaking some truth. what a humbling video.



that dude that got divorced after 58 years made me cry, god bless him ;(

Author — Isaac


The guy that got divorced with his wife omg made me cry 🥺😭

Author — Rubi Saucedo


Thank you so much for being a voice for the homeless people. They are worthy too.
I always buy them food and water whenever I can.
Be kind to everyone.

Author — Alyce


Omg I just wanna give that sensitive homeless man a home and a very good future. It's so heartbreaking to see him cry.. 💔

Author — heyy its me


I really did cry because all of those people had amazing dreams and hopes for the future and I hope they get there or somewhere close to it

Author — Breena Dorsett


_”I am a soldier. I am a father. I am a man”_ hit my heart directly.
He started at 6:30 but watch the video from Beginning till the end

Author — Nica H


"my wildest dream, is to find a women who loves me. And we can settle down."
my heart exploded.

Author — Maya Tejeda


*“Excuse me, I’m a sensitive guy.”* oh my heart.😭

Author — Just Another Person


Humble yourself and thank God for everything.

Author — Moe Money


You all talking abt one guy but really they all deserve it they allll doo 😭😭😖😖😓😔😔😥😥😢😢😣😣

Author — Felicity Paiton


Going to jail for sleeping wow Thats about as low America can get, sad sad.

Author — juju knight


That black man is one of the wisest people I've heard... we really take people and life for granted

Author — Selique Kay


The sensitive old man broke my frikking heart

Author — Sameer Saeed


The black older gentleman speaking straight facts💯🙌

Author — Phumi Zuma


In islam, we have somthing called "zakat"
Its basically some money that you must give to people in need every year and there is this Sentence that says:
Every wealthy person has some extra money given to them by god and its their duty to give it to people that need it and if there is someone without clothing or house in the society, it means a wealthy person refused to do their part"
Thats the best english translation i could do sorry

Author — rei suzuya


"November, i lost my mom and wife and dad and son and daughter"

My heart is tearing

Author — Panda MSP