Sneaky Cats| Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

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Sneaky Cats| Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017 4.5

From cats sneaking into cabinets to steal food, cats hunting down their owners, to a cat unexpectedly trapping the dog in a blanket, these are just a few of the sneaky cats you'll find in this sneaky cats video compilation.

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The bengal cat pretending to sleep and pretend stretching trying to steel the food was the most funny thing I have seen in a long time :) Bengal cats are incredible and I have 2 myself.

Author — Rondo Cat


The cat pretending to sleep and steal the chicken is amazing. He really looked like he was sleeping that's a really smart car...

Author — GadgetManDan


The old “I’m just stretching in my sleep” trick 😂😂😂

Author — Fright Bat


I thought the cat was opening the cupboard to sneak kitty treats and he walks out with Chex Mix! WTH?!

Author — Just Lisa


When you have guests come over and say, "Oh, I didn't know you had children?"
You reply, "We don't have kids. What makes you say that?"
"All the draws, cupboards and the freezer have child-proof latches on them, " says your guest.
"No, we have a cat!"
Your guest looks at you in a quizzical manner.
"Never had a cat, have you?" you say as you're trying to figure out if your cat is about to ambush you.

Author — I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.


That girl with the chicken bone annoyed me.

Author — Peter McGill


Observe how this vicious orange kitty stalks it's prey.

Author — David Atkinson


WARNINGS:my cat got locked in a dresser drawer for three days before we found her. We thought she was lost outside and were completely surprised to find her inside the house. If your cat can open a freezer door, it would be tragic to find her stuck inside your freezer one day, having been in there a little too long. PUT A SAFETY LATCH ON YOUR FREEZER DOORS.

Author — Linda Piet


Opening the freezer and taking out selected foods! 7:12
Unbelievably smart cat!

Author — Hallands Menved


If she didn’t want him to have that chicken, she would have moved the damn plate. She thought the cat smelling and touching the chicken was cool.. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Author — locafly


If she doesn't want the cat to eat the chicken drumstick, she should put down the camera and eat the damn thing already.

Author — feihu08


The first cat-stalking videos looked like some kind of cat paranormal event, freaky. Cute though. The later ones reminded me what a good cat I have;)

Author — BlaBlog101


Hey all you Debbie Downers all out there, this is a fabulous cat video and I'm going to guess that these people love their cats and treat them well. So we don't need this to turn into Cat Nannys Chat Room.

Author — Debi Congram


cat with the chicken bone at 5:00 let him have it or take it away but don't tease him like that

Author — Helena


Cropping videos is a good idea if you're showing more than one....and give the cat some damn chicken or put it away.

Author — mareir


is it just me or are most of these videos repeated each time they post a new video.

Author — Nickolas Rivas


Cat party checklist:
Drinks: check
Tunes: check
Chex Mix: BRB

Author — Holly Swenson


What the kitty thinks @ 7:16 – "Wait, there's meat, salmon AND ice cream in here? Holy shit."

Author — NativeSonDC


give the sleepy cat the fav lol

Author — Hydro Buds


Lady ... once that cat touches the chicken it's his!

Author — xssweetness