Can India Overtake the US and China as the Strongest Economy

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Can India Overtake the US and China as the Strongest Economy 4.5
Can India Overtake the US and China as the Strongest Economy | Places

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How strong is India's economy?
Can India overtake the US and China as the strongest economy?
Can India overtake China?
How many people live in India?
What is the workforce in India?
How is it like to work in India?
Can you find work in India?
Where is the Indian economy headed?
Can India's economy beat China's economy?
What is holding back India's progress?
What are the main features of India's economy?
Why is India's economy growing so quickly?
What is India's economy rate?
Is India's economy growing or falling?

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Hey Aluxers, do you think India can overake the US and China?

Author —


Title:-*contains the word INDIA*


Author — R S


Timing of uploading this video couldn't have been worse 🤣🤣

Author — Whish Ky


England must return the 45+ trillion dollars it looted from India.

Author — CyPsyShyGuy


Younger generation is fuckedup by tiktok..facebook and social media.. so don't consider young generation as working generation..

Author — Paradev Paradev


Indias GDP is not 2 trillion, it is 2.6 or something like that

Author — chandraguptawillruletheworld xx


Currently we are at slowest phase of economy...but if you look at history...before britishers looted India...we contributed approx 25% of world gdp..and when britishers left..they left us at less then yes India will take time to become global took britishers 200 years to destroy the living standards..but India is back on day we will eradicate poverty..

Author — Suryakant Sharma


1:16 China is a newer player?
History didnt started in 1871.
India always controlled more than 50% of the worlds population and even more the GDP..
India got overtook in Economy for the first time in 1500s by China...
And Then China got overtook by USA....
I am not surprised whenever Americans write history, They start it from 1776 😂

Author — Shira שירה


I dont care what the govt or UN officials have to say. I as an individual will make sure that i take every effort to make this dream a reality and i hope my fellow indians will stop complaining and start working towards achieving this dream!

Author — TheDark Knut


You want to see India's potential and capability???

Just make a video titled 'India"

Author — Deepjyoti Das


India's Asset is its people

& india's Liability is also people..

Author — Amith kumar


No India cannot. Not until we get rid of the leach like politician that keep on sucking the nation dry.
Where religion is more important than basic educational and health care rights. No I don't think so

Author — Vishal Hinduja


Hello alux
Why don't you guys show beautiful landscapes of our country
Why only show population and traffic in your video
Plzz like my comment if u guys agree

Author — Fire Heart


Before the Mughal and British rule in India, India's gdp was 30% of the world, and it was significantly dropped to only 2% when we got independence. They looted all the wealth of our country and spread terror all over the country.

Author — mayank Rana


If u Have a slow growth rate, make a video titled India,
Boom Magic u r owning😂

Author — Aryan Sharma


"A place where future billionaires come to get inspired"

Oh now I remember why I was feeling so annoyed when I read the channels name

Author — Harsh Raj Always free


I think India don't have oil resources, gold mining like other natural resources, but India has young generation taking major part of economy growth in the future.corruption is major issue staging indian economy down.

Author — Vasu Budidi


I think ur doing for views
U foreginers make good videos abt India
But in reality u don't care

Author — Zeli Ang


india will be a big economy and obviously bigger than the US because of its is expected that india's population will grow to 1.6 billion in 2060 when the chinese will be reduced to 1.1 billion so that will be the advantage...but india will grow as a consumption driven economy...also by that time all the crony and corupted politicians will be dead and new leadership will be young and more educated about global economy and trade..just a personal opinion

Author — Lord Megatron


Funny you choose to upload this video when we are at one of our slowest phases of growth.

Author — rajath 2137