Can India Overtake the US and China as the Strongest Economy

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Can India Overtake the US and China as the Strongest Economy 5

Can India Overtake the US and China as the Strongest Economy | Places

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How strong is India's economy?
Can India overtake the US and China as the strongest economy?
Can India overtake China?
How many people live in India?
What is the workforce in India?
How is it like to work in India?
Can you find work in India?
Where is the Indian economy headed?
Can India's economy beat China's economy?
What is holding back India's progress?
What are the main features of India's economy?
Why is India's economy growing so quickly?
What is India's economy rate?
Is India's economy growing or falling?

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Hey Aluxers, do you think India can overake the US and China?

Author —


Title:-*contains the word INDIA*


Author — Rohan Shetty


Creator : I want decent views
India : I will make it possible

Author — Fuzail Ahmed


As a German Scientist, I'd like to say that our western hemisphere time is on decline. Let me tell you something which is not known to the most in our part of the world:

Both China and India are on the ascension path to reclaim their lost glories as the world's largest trading nations until ~300 years ago. The US will have to be content at the 3rd position, therefore the future belongs to those two Asian giants. It's most likely India going to overtake China; just a matter of time.🤔

Author — Linux Welt


Title: Ind-
Indians from 50 mile radius: YEET

Author — kat thunder


We got population
China got population.

Just difference is of Quality n literacy rates.

Author — Gandhi ji


India's Asset is its people

& india's Liability is also people..

Author — Amith kumar


You want to see India's potential and capability???

Just make a video titled 'India"

Author — Deepjyoti Das


Meanwhile Corona: let me introduce myself.

Author — RAPTOR


I think ur doing for views
U foreginers make good videos abt India
But in reality u don't care

Even we Indians know this is impossible

Author — Zeli Ang


1:16 China is a newer player?
History didnt started in 1871.
India always controlled more than 50% of the worlds population and even more the GDP..
India got overtook in Economy for the first time in 1500s by China...
And Then China got overtook by USA....
I am not surprised whenever Americans write history, They start it from 1776 😂

Author — Shira שירה


Economies are growing,
*COVID-19* : Allow me to Introduce myself.

Author — AB_____HI


3:36 This all happened because of The Great Economist Manmohan Singh who liberalised the economy and open the world market for India!

But India can never surpass CHINA and US if current govt will continue to fool people, not accept their faults and gain votes by spreading religious hatred!

Author — Siraj


Wondering how Coronavirus is going to change all this.

Author — Sam Ann


Timing of uploading this video couldn't have been worse 🤣🤣

Author — Whish Ky


Did u know?
The british looted $46 trillion from India.

Author — peter


INDIA' s Economy is almost $3 Trillion GDP nominal!!
INDIA has $10 Trillion GDP PPP

GDP PPP is MORE Precise than GDP Nominal!!

Author — 108


India is now the 5th largest economy and the fastest growing economy if compared to top 10 🇮🇳

Author — Ketan Singh


Mind you, India is the 5th largest economy With 2.9 trillion dollars as of 2019 and is expected to touch 3 trillion dollars by 2020 based on nominal terms. However if you measure it by PPP that is Purchasing power parity it is already the 3rd largest with close to 12 trillion dollars as per 2020 estimates. So it's only fair that India ascends to the top position as it's only returning to its former glory. Thank You.

Author — Tengsrang Chambugong


If u Have a slow growth rate, make a video titled India,
Boom Magic u r owning😂

Author — Aryan Sharma