Monster School: Brewing - Minecraft Animation

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Monster School: Brewing - Minecraft Animation 4.5
a monster school brewing challenge minecraft animation. The monster class including Zombie, Creeper, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Pigman, Enderman, Slime and Ghast gets the job to brew something cool! Wich one of them will herobrine like?

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Author — Craftronix


*_herobrine_* : i am a trazan **Doing Tarzan Animation**
Edit: *_at _**_0:44_*

Author — Phantom Rider


0:45 herobrine is the new king kong XD

Author — ReshinArtzz


4:44 9 jut thought of something so the pigman made a potion what makes fart and he got f

*#f** for farts lol*

Author — funtime wolfie \or wolfy if you don't like wolfie/


slime should have turned into magma cube

Author — Kaden Studios


I love monster school so much I bless whoever made this

Author — Christian and Ty


9:32 When you think you are chef but you take everything in the frigde and mix it

Author — Og! Sans


wether skeleton : I gotta make a better potion

Author — Jane More


I m the god of minecraft everyone join near me

Author — beena D'Souza


That ender man looks amazing in lightning form but it is all most cool as mine it all most looked exactly like mine.

Author — neo flash


This my question why is creeper afraid of cats there just animals

Author — Nemoj Tako


0:44 I Herobrine Was Like RAGH I AM GORILLA MAN😂😂😂

Author — Johnny Robertson


2:49 That looks like a beer
(Like if you thought so)

Author — Dio Brando


The enderman won that cooking battle he got 21, zombie got 14 (lol)

Author — Ender Minecraft RobloxDC Gamer


I love how this is put under BTS skits.

Author — yasmin noor


i saw the skeleton had the effect already at 0:53 so i already knew that the skeleton had a effect about that

Author — Pikachu


0:53 Anyone noticed Skeleton's mermaid tail?

Author — The Gamers Who Record Anything


I can follow the instructions when enderman can cook

Author — Sisira Dharmasena



Potion rainbow good
Very2 good

Author — Daffa Irdina ahmad jatmiko


wow!soon i will make a video called a rage girl vs pro!

Author — cherelyn almedora