Grenfell Tower effigy video leads to arrests

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Grenfell Tower effigy video leads to arrests 2
London's Metropolitan Police have arrested five men under the U.K.'s Public Order Act in connection with a model of Grenfell Tower being burned on a bonfire.

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Burn an actual tower 0 arrests, burn a paper tower 5 arrests... something is wrong here

Author — john sangers


So instead of dealing with whoever burned the actual tower... You arrest 5 random people being tasteless? Priorities at all?

Author — Ryszmarine


This news goes worldwide but the murder of 5 young men in just as many days hardly gets a mention

Author — andrew White


Guilty of "bad taste" on a night where the entire country was celebrating the hanging, drawing and quartering of Guy Fawkes and his three co-conspirators  – Thomas Wintour, Ambrose Rookwood, and Robert Keyes.
A night where it's actually a tradition to burn an effigy of Fawkes on the bonfire.
You couldn't make it up.

Author — baldieman64


Call the thought police, woo, wooo we got some wrong think over here

Author — If people understood Youd be Over in a Day


They should have stuck to tradition and just burned effigies of Catholics. Somehow nobody considers that to be a hate crime.

Author — The Butler Did It


The people guilty of the real fire will get of Scott free . That because they have MONEY and POWER

Author — TheOffroader7458


The western world is just ripe for an authoritarian regime. Sad times ahead my friends.

Author — Vault-Tec Rep


How about catching real criminals. Start with those stabbing and killing young men in London.

Author — slagpharter


Really sick and gross humour...But arrested? Those who support this 'big State agenda' you will soon come to regret it, you really will! Try getting fiilled with the same level of outrage for the murder capital city of London.

Author — Michael Fereday


Right so you get arrested for burning an effigy of a building but not for burning an effigy of a politician (Boris)???

Author — Brexit Britain


Very distasteful and sick but i think it is a disgrace that the thought Police are getting involved.

Author — pet me


This is terrifying. Dark humor has always been part of British culture, yet now you can be arrested! 1984 has come true.

Author — Mr Fox


Terrible reporting. WHAT IS THE CRIME?Causing a public offence is a crime in Britain?

Author — Vlad G


I don't like it but I will defend the right to offend whomever you
please and say whatever you like in the privacy of your own home...
Only yesterday I was saying extremely offensive stuff about channel 4...

Author — Marc Goodman


When you invite your friends and family round to your house for a bonfire and let off some fire works... next minute you are being taken away from your home and family, arrested and locked in a prison cell because the government doesn't like your joke. This is not the country that I put my life on the line for.

Author — royal 1664


God so glad I live in the US so I can't be arrested for hurting someone's feelings

Author — EjamGaming MC


People just need to lighten up a bit pardon the pun. Its just a few people enjoying bonfire night having a laugh.

Author — Delroy Grant


Next time make it the parliament Westminster.

Author — last unctives


Kids have died in this fire... why make it out of a joke?

Author — Ashley Duffy