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Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect 5
Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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Music: GRiZ x Big Gigantic - “Good Times Roll”

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💬 Comments on the video

3:53 when it’s your last delivery of the day

Author — Lopopo Polopopl


You guys should make a compilation of all of your trick shot fails

Author — Joaquin's Vlogs


2:19 imagine there’s an iPad in that package.

Author — The Diabetic Chicken


2:21 Is this an advertisement for FedEx? 😂

Author — Doctor VVho


0:14 hahaha i saw him look to see if he made it

Author — Cloak Sub


Man i can’t wait for my new iPad to get here!

Mailman: YEET

Author — Fusion Blade


Is it just me or did Tyler just throw the picture at the wall but didn’t have a Hook or anything

Author — Zac Salter


1:11 is the hardest trick shot ever I could never do that one ;)

Author — Pnutkids Channel


the hardest part is to act normally when doing it right

Author — mhamedo gamer


1:11 Of course they let coby do the easy one, s

Author — Mister Dillow


What I like about dude Perfect is that they aren’t afraid to put there fails in the video too.
Nobody’s perfect and they show it.. it takes practice to get it right

Author — Mariomischief !


I kinda want them to make a 10 minute long blooper video

Anybody else?

Author — Emily Marlowe


0:56 when I’m not studying and my mom bout to come to my room

Author — Nic Ong vlogs


All the dislikes are people who broke things doing trick shots

Author — Captain Mike


Don't do it

Now you will win the lottery like to confirm you will win

Author — nuke dash daily


2:19 That's not special. Every delivery guy in the US can do that. Sometimes they kick it even!

Author — Karn


Let's be honest. This is what you always wanna get right in your life when gaming but too lazy to get up 1:45

Author — Jackyplayz


Imagine crockery in delivery

Real life *break* shots

Author — Vinayak Tyagi


0:27 focus on the straw what do you think BTW I think that they use some ah kind of spiritual or satanic power don't be offended I am just guessing.

Author — lyrical boy


I wonder how much stuff they broke making this video