Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

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Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect 5

Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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Music: GRiZ x Big Gigantic - “Good Times Roll”

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You guys should make a compilation of all of your trick shot fails

Автор — Joaquin's Vlogs


Who’s watching this at 2020 even though it’s been 2 years

Автор — Saji Antony


Let’s be honest...

We ALL wish life was this easy!

Автор — McVic226


Who else is watching this in quarantine and wishing they were as cool as these guys



2:18 the mailman when the package says fragile

Автор — Chip chocolate


Plot twist:
This is how they actually live 😂 😂 😂

Автор — Lamek Ainimariam


Who is watching this in 2020 and it's still awesome

Автор — Zud-Dud RBLX


garret: finally I put the disc in
tv: *the Xbox could not read the disc*

Автор — Pineapple Juice


0:03 when you can’t take your garbage out cos it’s quarantine

Автор — Liam United


Dude Perfect doing trick shots is like using glitches in games to help you.

Автор — Darth Vader


0:55 literally me when my parent came to my room

Автор — iZRov Gaming


3:02 lol look how he does it so serious

Автор — Riza S


I edited this so you would never know what I said :)

Автор — iMintey


Think about how close he was to setting the table on fire

Автор — Bowen LaValley



people in the comments: WHo ElSe iS waTChInG tHis iN qUARanTinE

Автор — dragonsplayz12


1:48 Garrett reacted but he wasn't supposed to and so he disguised it perfectly.

Автор — Aaron RL


2:19 ITS CORONA TIME so the trick to avoid corona

Автор — VNL Savitri


2:23 I don't know if anybody saw this, but there was a bug next to the package.

Автор — Boredom Busters


Physics has LEFT THE CHAT
Dude perfect has joined the chat

Автор — Jomari Garcia


Dude Perfect: *Makes a trickshot*

Me: “lemme try”
My brother: *dead from an Xbox disc*

Автор — NeoPrism