Trump Freaks Out After Democrats Win House: A Closer Look

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Trump Freaks Out After Democrats Win House: A Closer Look 4.5
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump freaking out about Democrats winning back the House and his moves to hamstring the Russia investigation.
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Trump Freaks Out After Democrats Win House: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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What makes this so sad is that his supporters consider his behavior a sign of strength.

Author — Oonagh72


It's just totally unbelievable that you have a President who is that incoherent and incapable of stringing two normal sentences together. No wonder the rest of the world has written the United States off as a place where semi-literate imbeciles are taken seriously enough to become "leaders".

Author — Veneil


Trump is such a crook he makes Nixon look like a choir boy!

Author — Grand Wonder


How does the press core not just laugh out loud constantly? They're so professional; I would literally be laughing at Trump every 5 seconds.

Author — TheBizzle1984


No one would understand his tax returns. Why, are they in russian?

Author — Linds Neal


That little orange dude makes me dry heave when I see it speak

Author — Tracor3k99


He will go down in history as the most ignorant and uninformed person to ever be elected President of the United States.

Author — Oscar Robinson


It's big you wouldn't understand it's really big lol

Author — Debbie Defies the Odds Deb M


The dumbest president in U.S. history, by far. But guess what: that we could still handle. It's when you combine that with Mount Everest size narcissism and truly breathtaking arrogance and greed, that we end up where we are: the laughing stock of the world. Have you seen interviews of trump's "base" - wow, it's like several insane asylums left their gates open.

Author — El Coyote


He said “embrace” because he is that idiot who tries to talk smart and is unimaginably stupid and he couldn’t remember the word “endorse”. He tap dances through every sentence like a hippo in heels.

Author — T BZ


We have nothing to fear but the President himself.

Author — 65wiseman


The orange face paint job was especially bad for this news conference - look around the eyes.

Author — Steven Hurd


I can NOT believe this guy is the President of the United States....He can't speak English...

Author — martin crespo


Funny how the king of rudeness calls others rude...

Author — Roger Chen


I dont understand whats happening in the USA, this guy cant even form a sentence, how can so many people support him

Author — LPDani123


chump - "You're rude"
Acosta - "I learned from you".

Author — eddiequest4


Trumps Tax returns: Trump says Well look ' their huge massive you wouldn't understand them, law firms are big very big firm but their big feet high and very complex biggest large very big far bigger than you'd understand very powerful and No one will embrace me! Trumps having another mental melt down since the elections.

Author — Paul Freeman


Defied history? He said midtown & midturn year, orange POS, throwing another temper tantrum like the childish fool he is!

Author — Kim Rey


The Truth always, always comes out. History will not be kind to the Trump Dynasty.

Author — Cody Bishop


Moron for a President of USA, Morons put him there... thats the problem... How many Morons are there in US ? thats the question

Author — catchfish205