You NEED to Play The Crooked Man

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The Steam Spring Sale strikes again, letting me buy random stuff with little to no fiscal repercussions. Please excuse the pace being slower this time, it'll be back to normal for the next video!

1 [32:37]
2 [44:38]
3 [48:19]

00:00 - Introduction
02:19 - Prologue
07:50 - Scene 1: Hotel
17:57 - Scene 2: School
31:05 - Scene 3: Hospital
46:03 - Final Scene
48:19 - Epilogue
53:29 - Closing Thoughts

00.34 | Heat Up - Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
02.20 | Hitting the Pavement - Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
05.18 | Amber Sunset - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
07.50 | Ray ~ A Beam of Light - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
10.03 | Resolution - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
16.06 | Rainy Night - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
17.57 | Blind Alley - Persona 3 FES
22.21 | Insomnia - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
23.34 | Persona - Persona 3 FES
26.39 | Insomnia - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
29.56 | Slow Steps - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
31.05 | The Long Night - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
37.48 | Windy Street - Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
44.38 | Amber Sunset - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
46.03 | Bright Crystal - Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Please excuse the pace being slower this time, it'll be back to normal for the next video!

Author — @ben_again


"You know what I think? The crooked man had a crooked body and only crooked things, but I'm sure he was happy in his crooked house." is my favorite quote.

Author — @CaydenDoesStuff


A healthy relationship with communication and understanding in a horror game.
Not gonna lie, that's a new concept to me.

Author — @Argonisgema


I love how this game makes you care about characters named Sissy and Fluffy. Those are such silly names

Author — @genericname2747


One thing i noticed was that whenever you have the choice for either a good or bad ending, the good ending is always what appears to be the "morally wrong choice" like seemingly discouraging D instead of encouraging him to try harder. I found it really interesting

Author — @nicoangelo9928


My heart shattered when David’s mom died, because as soon as the eyes in her sprite disappeared after having a moment of lucidity, I knew she was gonna die.

A common symptom I’ve seen in dementia/alzimers (idk how to spell) is towards the end, all their memories return and they appear to be their old self again.

Then they stop breathing or moving, going comatose. Then they pass on.

Author — @professionalshitpost4443


44:03 yo Paul is a REAL ONE for BEATING the procession out of David😂

Author — @sketchpixels6255


D's segment especially hits close to my heart as I spent almost a decade trying to pursue a degree in computer science. Going in and out of school, hoping this time I could overcome myself and live up to the expectations put upon me by my family.
Eventually it got too much and I tried to take my own life, ending up in a hospital for over a month until I could recover mentally.

By sheer luck after I got let out, a few months down the line I got an entry level job in lawn care and discovered that I really loved working outside and with plants. It was enough that I didn't mind the meagre pay, or how awful the weather could make my work be.

I'm now trying to get into a school for forestry. I won't say it's been an easy path, but it feels like something that I've actually chosen for myself. Something that I feel is worth living for.

Author — @FolstrimHori


My favourite part was when the David said “Hol up, let him crook.” To the crooked man and then he crooks on everyone

Author — @huh9607


The entire strange men anthology is basically about David and most of the people he knows having the worst time of their lives 😭

Author — @georgiakontineli9499


One of the things that hit me so hard about Duke is the contradictions. He so desperately needed help, and so sincerely tried to help David as well. Because he saw someone just like him who he knew deserved a better life, but he also saw a reflection of himself, and it sickens him. He's the kind of person that isn't evil by any means, but he does evil things to projections of himself (Sissi, D and Fluffy very much represent him as well), and David who he projects onto. And yet, he left those notes, those cries for help, he wanted to be heard and seen, and eventually comforted.

And David embodies this attitude as well. He could have just not answered the phone, not spoken to his friend, not done anything to give Paul the window to help. But he did. No matter how awful it was, no matter how terribly crushing his life felt, he was always hoping someone would help him, even if he kept trying to bury all these feelings. I relate to them both because of this a whole lot. I push away the people closest to me, the best chances at help I have. I lash out, and I can hurt people terribly. But I still want to get better, even if everything I do and everything I am feels crooked.

(Side note, does anyone actually find the neck part of his design scary?? For me, Duke's scoliosis is the least of his concerns. That mug shows up in my nightmares to this day.)

Author — @imthecoolestguyalive


Uri made such a huge impact on the rpgmaker community, crooked man, despite some of its flaws was such a gem.

Author — @catgirlscratch


Man that epilogue hits close to home now. I know what's like to have a family member be alright one day and then take a sudden turn. She never made it out of the hospital like David's own mom. Thanks for covering this and I look forward to what you will cover in the future.

Author — @cosmickitty5475


“A ghost, maybe? Doubtful. Not that anyone would *care* if a ghost took him out, anyway.”

You sneaky guy you; that line was read so nonchalantly and quickly but it’s SUCH a huge bit of foreshadowing to David’s serious depression and suicidal ideation. Very smart script writing and delivery! Really loving your videos so far and super happy you’re tackling one of my favorite indie game series!

Author — @Cosplaybuddygiraffes


The idea that only people born in the 1800s would be familiar with one of the most famous nursery rhymes ever written is... Certainly a take I didn't expect to hear at 7:30 AM on a Sunday

Author — @mothiestman4995


That ending was heartbreakingly beautiful, perfectly bittersweet. Accepting that to live is to suffer, but finding your joy regardless is such a powerful message.

Author — @Reycied


The options for good and bad endings just showed that the cold hard truth will only damage a person for a short while but will get over it and grow as a person while a beautiful lie can only damage a person the more lie he takes and will definitely not help a person grow.

Author — @suntzu4607


This video was fantastic! I can’t wait to see you cover the next three games!

Author — @coolminebro7717



The crooked man being a hanged man is such a clever twist.
The story was so bitter sweet. Towards the end it really made me feel at peace with the challenges I've faced in my life. I just found your channel yesterday and I could watch you talk about video games all day.

Author — @user-fu8bp5pm8t


And in David's mother's final moments, a man visited her, and offered her a cigarette...

Author — @DudeInADinoOnesie