Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire?

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Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire? 5

There are millions of asteroids in our solar system. Because some are full of materials that are rare on Earth, they have been valued at stupendous amounts. But the most valuable resource in space may be something that's abundant back on the ground.

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How to become a trillionaire

Rule 1: Must be a billionaire



"The first Trillionaires will be those who mine asteroids"
*Jeff Bezos has entered the chat*

Author — Humza Malik


I promise you guys
I'll dedicate my life to space industry development based on future space exploration. My name will be in that Trillionaire list .. already creating my plan, strategy and ideas. You'll hear from me sooner or later

Author — Juan Felipe Gomez


False, the first trillionaires were trying to buy bread in Zimbabwe. 🤣

Author — Gin K


Next up: “the virus that came from mining asteroids kills entire planet”

Author — D50ne


Human: How much zeros you want in your price tag?

Astroids: Yes



Watching all this "technologies" make me understand that i wont live enough time to see all the cool Stuff in the future ...

Author — andrey kovalchuk


Mining asteroids makes you a trillionaire
US government: I want to know your location

Author — Brayan Carmona


Spoiler Alert:

It will be one of the billionaires.

Author — Culture Melt


the rest of the world: Moon

Elon musk: Y'all are still on the tutorial?

Author — Aethereal


I was a trillionaire.

But then I woke up.

Author — A V


Some of the environmental benefits of mining in space instead of Earth include:

It is easier to get from the Moon or some asteroids to low Earth orbit than it is to get from Earth to low Earth orbit. If we mine ice on either the Moon or asteroids, apply electrolysis to separate out the hydrogen and oxygen, we can use that as a propellant for satellites or space missions. This will mean fewer refuel launches from Earth, and having to relaunch fewer satellites (today they last ~20 years then run out of fuel so we relaunch them).

Metals are becoming increasing harder to extract on Earth, with many of the concentrated, near surface deposits already being extracted. This leaves a number of deeper and less concentrated deposits with a greater impact to extract. As we are reliant on metals, extracting these from an asteroid and returning them to Earth may have less of an environmental impact.

Helium 3 can be found on the Moon in abundance. While nuclear fusion technology seems to be some way off, if it were commercialised, a supply of helium 3 from the Moon could supply fusion reactors for clean energy.

And an extra one not quite related to mining – but some people have proposed putting solar panels on the Moon and beaming the power back to the Earth’s surface to be collected and used.

Author — Vegan Space Scientist


Mr beast's great grand son : first to mine asteroid keeps it metals😂



maybe lets start with somebody elses moon

Author — TobyTurner


Wow, YouTube's compression algorithms did not like that!

Author — Scratch Pad


We just need to worry about the aliens on the dark side of the moon

Author — sk8punk318


Somalian Space Pirates are just gonna nick your cargo.
"I'm the Picard now"

Author — INERT


It's quite ironic that we still have trouble managing to land on the surface of the moon more than 50 years later from the first moon landing.

Author — Shankar Nabben


Who wants to be a Trillionaire?

*Jeff Bezos has entered the chat*

"resources like water...."

*Nestle has entered the Chat*

Author — Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4


3:37 mins of my life that i will never get back!!

Author — N Z