WW2 Short Film Series- Mayday.

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WW2 Short Film Series- Mayday. 4.5
Follow an American Pilot as he tries to survive in the wilderness of France after being shot down.

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Man, the bullet in the hand scene looked so painful. It looked real. Also the Minen sign was perfect. I love how emotional this, it hit me hard when the flash forward to the main character as an old man happened. Over all, beautiful work

Author — Vruss33


Great job you’ll
Good to remember what they went throw to try and live other day

Author — Phil Hall


I enjoyed this. Your passion and talent shines through. Thank you for telling the tale of The Greatest Generation.
Never Forget.

Author — sam mikenzie


Good choice! !! Take no prisoners. Kill or kill! !!!

Author — Hlubkoj Zoonyob


The low res cutouts of vehicles overlayed made me laugh so hard, it's high school tier bad.

Author — GhostDogg o


Wow this brought back memories. A friend of my family was a B-17 pilot, his plane shot down over France. He only had to hide out for 3 weeks before the Resistance got him out. He insisted and went back to flying missions within months. The amazing thing is he told the whole tale while playing cards at our house sometime back in the middle 1960s. God bless all those who unselfishly gave us the future, especially my father and uncles who bore the scars of war till the day they died. And btw, I thought you did a damn fine job with this film.

Author — Ran Kelvin


I realize you have a difficulttime managing crew, filming, etc. A couple of correct uniforms (go to whatpriceglory.com) would make a great difference and bring your work up a few notches.
Most young men fighting would be an EU 46, 48--US 36, 38...mix and match for different scenes. But I realize, I am simply commenting without having to do it. But, I did some U.S. Civil War reenacting, in which "farby" (incorrect) uniform details aren't tolerated. Correct ones can be produced with low budgets. Using NVA uniforms, cleary incorrect buttons--they can be bought from China (well, they could have been, the buttons. The collar tress--can be bought on eBay easily. Doesn't anyone know how to sew?

Author — Виктор


Very well done. I'm an ancient ex-British forces pensioner. Thoroughly enjoyable film. Thank you.

Author — Mishimoo Mooly


Good job man. You’ll only get better the more you do.

Author — Zac Miller


Did anyone else notice the car at the mine field

Author — Dacoolboy Superhuman


Not a bad film BUT a snipers bullet would NEVER lodge into a hand. More like either go straight through it(most likely)or blow it half off.

Author — Kelly Dunnigan


What a disgusting war between a fairy and a group of fools

Author — siqi feng


Great film, but why the Harry Potter music....lol

Author — TheGuitarmanrh


Although a seemingly likeable fellow, this airman was very foolish. For a man with education, you think he would have realized sewing thread would make a poor trip wire at least in the real world. Also, blowing up your kit in the bargain is a very stupid way to foil an enemy when there is enough foliage to conceal, LOL!!!!In addition, what IMBECILE walks through a minefield? He sure is a legend in his own mind as he thinks the whole Third Reich searches for him and is a veritable genius for making a field telephone capable of long range wireless communication Holy fuck LOL!!

Author — PompierCanadien


One of the worst films I have ever seen. The sniper scene was the worst ever portrayed. The rest of this piece of crap was abysmal as well. You wanna watch it? Waste a half hour of your

Author — Geoff Storey